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What types of forests would you expect to find in Central America?
a) Tropical Arid
b) Oak Pine
c) Oak Tropical
d) Tropical, Arid, Oak, Pine

True or False? The higher in elevation you go the cooler the temperature gets, even in tropical climates.
a) True
b) False

True or False? Not all of Central American is located in the Tropical Zone.
a) True
b) False

True or False? About half of Mexico lies North of the Tropic of Cancer.
a) True
b) False

The driest areas of Mexico are located where?
a) Soutwest Mexico
b) Southeast Mexico
c) Northwest Mexico
d) Northeast Mexico

The Caribbean Islands can be broken up into two groups. What are they?
a) Greater Antilles Lesser Antilles
b) Greater Armadillos and Lesser Armadillos
c) Greater Antelopes Lesser Antelopes
d) Greater Tomatoes Lesser Tomatoes

Many of the Caribbean Islands are actually what?
a) made by ancient people
b) exposed underwater Volcanoes
c) surrounded by land
d) exposed underwater Mountains

The Bahamas are an example of what?
a) One large Island
b) Archipelago
c) Cultural Fusion
d) Cultural Dismay

Because Central America lies on many tectonic plates is has many…
a) Mudslides
b) Tsunamis
c) Volcanoes Earthquakes
d) Floods

What does Central America connect?
a) United States Cuba
b) Mexico Brazil
c) ATT Verizon
d) North America South America

The Mexican Plateau covers what percent of Mexico’s landmass?
a) 10%
b) 20%
c) 30%
d) 40%

Many of these frame the Southern edge of the Mexican Plateau.
a) Trees
b) Volcanoes
c) Native Tribes
d) None of these

What river creates a natural border between Mexico and the United States?
a) Mini Grande
b) El Grande Grande
c) Rio Grande
d) El Locho Grande

What is Central America?
a) Isthmus
b) Plateau
c) Peninsula
d) Ocean

What lies between the Sierra Madre Occidental and the Sierra Madre Oriental?
a) World’s largest airport
b) Large inland sea
c) Vast Mexican Plateau
d) Tropical Rainforest

What does Mexico sit on that causes earthquakes and volcanos?
a) tectonic plates
b) Soft sand
c) Legos
d) Porous rock

The landforms in Mexico include all of the below except for which of the below?
a) Mountains
b) Plateaus
c) Hills
d) Plains

Who colonized much of Latin America?
a) French Spanish
b) Spanish Portuguese
c) Spanish English
d) Portuguese Indian

What brings heavy rainfall to the eastern side of mountains in Central America?
a) Winds
b) Waves
c) Surfers
d) Sun rays

Which of the Antilles is divided into a group that faces the winds and a group that is protected from the winds?
a) Lesser Antilles
b) Greater Antilles

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