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What is the oxidation number of Sr?
a) +2
b) -1
c) 0
d) -2

How many valence electrons do all noble gases have?
a) 4
b) 8
c) 7
d) 1

What would be the name of P3Cl4?
a) Triphosphate Chloride
b) Chrolide
c) Triphosphorus Tetrachloride
d) Phosphorus Chloride

Which of the following would be binary?
a) NaCl
b) K
c) CaCO3
d) Na3PO4

Which of the following is an covalent compound?
a) Sodium Oxide
b) Manganese( Sulfide
c) Water
d) Potassium Nitrate

What is the trend for electronegativity across a period?
a) Idk
b) Increases
c) Decreases
d) Neutral

Why does electronegativity increases across the period?
a) The number of charges on the nucleus increases.
b) It loses electrons.
c) The number of charges on the nucleus stays the same.
d) The number of charges on the nucleus decreases.

Which of the following has a higher melting point?
a) Ionic Compound
d) Binary Compound

Which of the following are ternary?
a) Mg0
b) CaCO3
c) NaF
d) NaCl

Which of the following is an ionic compound?
a) Sodium Oxide
b) Carbon Tetrachloride
c) Ammonia
d) Water

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