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To help organize and identify Microsoft Excel files by providing details about the files which of the following would you use?
a) file details
b) document properties
c) file facts
d) document options

David wants to key the numbers 1 to 1000 in column A of his spreadsheet. What command should he use to complete this task?
a) autofill
b) filter
c) find and replace
d) sort

In Excel which feature makes an exact replica of teh cell data and format while keeping the original cell intact?
a) paste
b) move
c) cut
d) copy

Which command on the home ribbon allows data to be moved from one worksheet location to another?
a) cut
b) move
c) copy
d) duplicate

What is the name of the list of frequently used Excel commands available when a user right clicks an item in the worksheet?
a) mini toolbar
b) quick access toolbar
c) shortcut menu
d) shortcut toolbar

John wants to print only the Inventory worksheet that he is currently working on in his workbook. Which option should he choose?
a) print selection
b) print active sheet
c) print entire workbook
d) fit sheet on one page

Joyce has updated the data in an existing spreadsheet. Which command would she select to preserve the data for future use?
a) exit
b) open
c) save
d) save as

Jennifer needs to identify the values in B for a statistics report. Which type of entry should she use in the column header?
a) values
b) formulas
c) labels
d) functions

John is creating a table that will include demographic information about her employees. What is each header in her table considered?
a) label
b) value
c) formula
d) function

In an Excel worksheet, how do you change the width of a column so that the widest entry will fit?
a) smartfit
b) autofit
c) best fit
d) true fit

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