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What word means read to be used or taken?
a) available
b) particular
c) detecting
d) mature

What word means specific or special?
a) vary
b) particular
c) resemble
d) contentment

What word means sharp and alert?
a) ferocious
b) unobserved
c) mature
d) keen

What word means working to discover something?
a) keen
b) unobserved
c) detecting
d) vary

What word means to grow and develop over time
a) mature
b) resemble
c) vary
d) contentment

What does vary mean?
a) hidden or unnoticed
b) to change something
c) total happiness
d) to grow and develop over time

What does resemble mean?
a) ready to be used or taken
b) sharp and alert
c) working to discover something
d) to be or to look similar to something or someone

What does unobserved mean?
a) to change something
b) hidden or unnoticed
c) very aggressive and scary
d) total happiness

What does ferocious mean?
a) very aggressive and scary
b) working to discover something
c) hidden or untoiced
d) ready to be used or taken

What does contentment mean?
a) saddness
b) working to discover something
c) sharp and alert
d) total happiness

Leaf is to tree as petal is to
a) stem
b) flower
c) garden
d) bike

City is to state as state is to
a) country
b) continent
c) town
d) county

child is to family as student is to
a) class
b) teacher
c) parents
d) brother

second is to minute as minute is to
a) week
b) season
c) hour
d) year

corn is to cob as pea is to
a) green
b) pod
c) can
d) bean

classroom is to school as kitchen is to
a) cook
b) garage
c) food
d) house

Why do cougar kittens stay with there mother until about eighteen months?
a) Kittens start to grow teeth after about two months
b) They depend on their mothers for food
c) Cougars gulp their food without their teeth
d) Cougars clean their fur to hid themselves from predators

What is the main topic of Cougars?
a) facts about cougars
b) where most cougars live
c) cougar hunting skills
d) cougar babies

A cougars coat
a) looks the same as all other cougars
b) are all different colors
c) helps keep them safe from predators
d) smells

Why is it difficult to tell individual cougars apart?
a) They vary in color
b) They are rarely seen by people
c) The live in huge groups
d) They're extinct

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