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What is the Edwardian an example of:
a) Serif
b) Sans Serif
c) Script
d) Decorative

The kind of binding where staples are driven through the middle fold:
a) Sidestitch
b) Saddle Stitch
c) Perfect
d) Case bound

The thickness of a stroke is known as the _____ of the stroke.
a) Weight
b) Size
c) Height
d) Length

A clipping _____ is used to clip other objects below it so that only those objects below it and within its boundaries are seen.
a) mask
b) path
c) object
d) shape

_____ is the space between lines of type. _____ is the space between two letters
a) Leading and Kerning
b) Leading and Tracking
c) Kerning and Tracking
d) Kerning and Leading

Why are trim marks added to a document before printing?
a) To know where to cut
b) Because my teacher tells me too
c) To know where to extend the bleed to
d) I don't know

What does the term bleed mean?
a) To have a picture or graphics extend to edge of paper
b) non-printing information
c) The area around the artboard
d) I don't know

In Photoshop, how do you remove the background from an image?
a) Unlock background, use Quick Selection tool, delete the background
b) Unlock background, use the Eraser tool
c) Use Quick Selection tool and delete the background
d) I don't know

I know how to convert images into CMYK?
a) Yes
b) No
c) N/A
d) N/A

I liked this class.
a) YES
b) NO
c) N/A
d) N/A

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