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If all CMYK color percentages are set to 100% the color result is?
a) Grey
b) White
c) Black
d) None of the above

This type of graphic is made up of lines and shapes?
a) Vector
b) Pyruvic
c) Rambles
d) Raster

A 8-bit color has how many colors per pixel?
a) 1,000
b) 2,000,000
c) 456,000
d) 256

Which of the following is not a type of raster format?
b) PDF

Photocopy and Predator are the names of this type of special effect that can be applied to images?
a) Filter
b) Blend
c) Gradient
d) None of the Above

If red, green, and blue values are all 255, the color displayed will be?
a) Grey
b) Black
c) White
d) Depends on what color

______________________ anything on the page that is not actual text, from simple line drawings to fully active images found on the World Wide Web.
a) Charts
b) Photographs
c) Buttons
d) Graphics

The most common type of raster graphic is a?
a) Polaroid
b) Driver's License Photo
c) Digital Photograph
d) Screenshot

JPEG-Joint Photographic Experts Group has what compression.
a) Lossy
b) Glossy
c) Gliz-ossy
d) None of the above

Resolution is measured in?
a) Pixies per inch
b) Pastels per inch
c) Peels per inch
d) Pixels per inch

If red, green, and blue values are all 0, the color displayed will be?
a) Black
b) White
c) Turqoise
d) Depends on what color you select

The two types of compression are?
a) Glossy, Lossy
b) Lossless, Glossy
c) Lossy, Glossy
d) Lossy, Lossless

This graphic format makes part of an image invisible, or “see-through”?
a) Transparency
b) Neon
c) Ghost
d) None of the above

When resizing to control aspect ratio, use which key on the keyboard along with a corner handle?
a) Enter
b) Space Bar
c) Shift
d) None of the Above

The native file format for a Photoshop document(extension)?
a) psd
b) pds
c) ps
d) pd

A fill puts a _______ into an object or area.
a) Gradient
b) Pattern
c) Texture
d) All of the Above

Compiling multiple pictures or objects together into one image are called _________________ .
a) Connecting
b) Stacking
c) Overloading
d) Layers

File formats that can be used with a variety of software programs is called ________________.
a) Standard File Formats
b) Regular File Formats
c) Native File Formats
d) None of the Above

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