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Habitat Vocabulary. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

a) a place where a plant or an animal lives
b) all plants and animals
c) a house
d) the way we act

a) all the plants and animals in a habitat
b) my house
c) my friends
d) fish

a) makes their own food
b) an area in the grocery store
c) eats only meat
d) eats only plants

a) eats other living this to get energy to survive
b) eats only meat
c) eats pizza
d) buys all their food at the store

a) meat eaters
b) plant eaters
c) meat and plant eaters
d) pizza eaters

a) plant eaters
b) meat eaters
c) plant and meat eaters
d) eats hamburgers and fries

a) plant and meat eater
b) plant eater
c) meat eater
d) eat only cake

a) an animal that hunts another animal for food
b) someone who plays lots of video games
c) a soccer player
d) an herbivore

a) an animal that is hunted by another animal for food
b) all plants
c) a game kids like to play
d) a kind of vegetable

a) special features that help plants or animals survive in their habitat
b) a game kids like to play
c) a place animals live
d) a place plants live

structural adaptations
a) the parts of a plant or an animal that help it survive in its habitat
b) a place animals live
c) a building
d) Lego

behavioral adaptations
a) the way living things act or respond to their surroundings to help them survive in their habitat
b) a game kids play
c) a TV show
d) herbivores

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