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Which quote exemplifies the information in the selection?
a) Collaborating--whether in research or business or any other domain...
b) Medicine and medical education are also being revolutionized...
c) Countries that are key destinations for business investment today...
d) Through its ability to facilitate the sharing of information, success stories...

According to the selection, what effect would greater worldwide broadband access likely have on the brain drain?
a) More talented individuals would be able to stay in their home countries to be educated and work.
b) American universitites would be forced to make budget cuts due to decreased enrollment.
c) The demand for candidates for low-skill, low-wage jobs in Third World countries would decrease.
d) Governments of Third World countries would be subject to greater challenges due to demands of technology.

Based on the context of the selection, what does the phrase -being revolutionized by the internet--mean in paragraph 6?
a) Te internet is creating rapid change in several industries and areas.
b) The internet is combating old ways of thinking in favor of new ones.
c) The internet has created a new world of knowledge.
d) The internet has become a location for the sharing of information across nations.

What effect does the use of the phrase--even metaphorically--have at the end of paragraph 7?
a) It is implying that the statement is literally true.
b) It is balancing the highly literal language in the selection.
c) It emphasizes the point that all people are still not on even economic or educational footing.
d) It provides transition to a definition and discussion of hte difference between circuit-switched and packet-switched...

What does the word--exacerbate--mean in paragraph 13?
a) increases
b) relieves
c) overstates
d) reiterates

In paragraph 23, what does teh author mean when she argues that governments adopts a pro-competitive policy?
a) Governments should encourage competition between nations to encourage brain circulation
b) Governments should encourage competition among institutions of higher learning to ensure top-notch education.
c) Governments should encourage competition among individuals to ensure entrepreneurship and faster development
d) Gov.s should oencourage competition among industry leaders in committing resources to the development of the broadband ...

Acccording to details in teh selection, how does the author reveal the evolution of the internet?
a) She describes the internet as a repository of infomration....
b) She emphasizes the use of libraries in the past as compared to modern day...
c) She gives examples of prior methods of information storage and sharing...
d) She shares anecdotal stories of the methods many nations used to store inrmation...

What is the purpose of the author making reference to Tom Friedman's popular book The World is Flat?
a) The ideas in Friedman's books serve as a bridge between teh positive aspects of technology..
b) The author uses the basic premise of Friedman's book to establish a metaphor...
c) The author uses Friedman's book, one with which many woud be familiar, to set up a premise...
d) The popularity of Friedman's book allows the author to link Friedman's ideas...

How does the author attempt to prove that--broadbandd gives nations a significant economic advantage?
a) She uses quotations from several experts in her field to support her point.
b) She creates a logical argument with a major and minor premise that asserts this particular conclusion.
c) She reaches this conclusion by relying on and extending previous anecdotal arguments.
d) She demonstrates the proof of this claim by using the organizational principle of arrangement according to importance.

The word telemedicine in paragraph 6 most likely refers to
a) Medical shows like Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil
b) Entertaining medical shows like Grey's Anatomy
c) Cameras that allow doctors to see patients who are far away
d) Providing medical advice over the telephone

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