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Which view is the default view used in Excel?
a) page layout
b) print
c) normal
d) web

Which group on the view ribbon enables a suser to show or hide the ruler, gridlines, formula bar, or headings?
a) workbook views
b) show
c) zoom
d) window

Which ribbon option opens a related dialog box?
a) ellipse
b) drop down arrow
c) launcher
d) slider

Which of the following software programs is a powerful spreadsheet program that allows users to organize date, complete calculations, and graph data?
a) Word
b) Publisher
c) Excel
d) PowerPoint

What command do you use to increase or decrease the view of a selected cell or range of cells to fill the excel window area for better visability?
a) magnify area
b) enlarge area
c) amplify range
d) zoom to selection

Joan has a table that includes demographic information about her employees. What does all the information about one employee represent?
a) entry
b) workbook
c) row
d) column

Which command do you use to close an open file and exit Excel?
a) close
b) save as
c) exit
d) quit

Joan has entered her name in the first name field in cell B2 of her table. What does her first name represent in the table?
a) entry
b) workbook
c) row
d) column

Sharon's spreadsheet contains information about the number of music downloads in F25. identifies the:
a) cell
b) column
c) range
d) row

John wants to be able to view multiple areas of his spreadsheet at the same time. What would be his best option?
a) freeze panes
b) split
c) hide
d) unhide

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