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In a serial dilution of red food coloring, a student could not see any color in Cup 7. Which of the following is the most likely explanation for this observation? Choose the best answer.
a) There were no molecules of food coloring left in Cup 7
b) She had probably made a mistake
c) There were molecules of food color in Cup 7, but not enough to see
d) The dropper must have been contaminated and needs careful rinsing between cups

Which of the following statements about dilution as an approach to handing toxic waste is TRUE?
a) Dilution removes the toxic materials in liquid wastes
b) Diluting a liquid until it is clear and colorless means that the liquid is safe for disposal in local sewers
c) Dilution lowers the concentration of toxic materials in liquid wastes
d) All of the above

While working on an activity to investigate chemical reactions, a student mixes 2 liquid. When the mixed a clear liquid and orange solid precipitate. Which best describes the reactants that students worked with?
a) The initial tow clear liquids
b) The resulting clear liquid and the beaker
c) The orange solid precipitate
d) All of the above

Your teacher holds up a solid and informs you that this non-magnetic solid is dense than zinc. Based on this information, the solid could be:
a) Carbon
b) Nickel
c) Zinc
d) None of the above

The contents of a large, unlabeled can are tested. The contents of the can do not dissolve in water and have a pH of 7. When placed in acid, the contents of the can bubble and produce a smell. What conclusion can be made?
a) The can contains an liquid
b) The can contains a gas
c) The can contains a substance that reacts with acid
d) The contents of the can are toxic

Mineral oil is less dense than water. Mercury, a liquid metal, is more dense than water. If mineral oil, mercury, and water were mixed together, which liquid would float to the top?
a) Mercury
b) Mineral oil
c) Water
d) Both mercury and mineral oil would float to the top

A car accelerates down the road. What is the reflection to the tires pushing on the road?
a) The air in the tires moves the car
b) The mass of the car pushes on the tires
c) The road pushes on the tires
d) The road moves away from the tires

Imagine you were able to throw ball in a frictionless environment such as outer space. Once you let go of the ball, what will happen to the ball according to the Law of Inertia?
a) It will travel in a straight line indefinitely
b) It will travel in a straight line but eventually slow down
c) It will continue to speed up indefinitely
d) It will slow down and turn

Putting reflecting films on your car windows help keep the interior cool by
a) Absorbing sun light
b) Transmitting sunlight
c) Reflecting sunlight
d) Scattering sunlight

If there is no force acting on an object, it will
a) Move at the same speed
b) Move in the same direction
c) Move with the same speed AND direction
d) Eventually slow down and stop

Jose has a 200mL cup of hot chocolate that was 95 degrees Celsius and was too hot to drink. His mother suggested he add some cold milk to cool it off so he added 50mL of milk, which was at 5 degrees Celsius. What was the approximate temperature?
a) 95
b) 75
c) 25
d) 5

Cory noticed that the hood of the car was hot after driving it for awhile. What energy transformation was she noticing?
a) Chemical energy transforming to thermal energy
b) Thermal energy transforming to motion (kinetic)
c) Temperature energy transforming to braking energy
d) Motion kinetic transforming to thermal energy

Objects of different asses are suspended from a height. Which combination of features will have the greatest gravitational potential energy?
a) Low mass and low height
b) Low mass and high height
c) High mass and high height
d) High mass and low heigh

Which statement most accurately describe the Law of Conservation of Energy?
a) Energy can not be created or destroyed but it can change from one type to another
b) Energy is created from the Earth and is destroyed when we use it
c) Energy should be saved (conserved) for use in the future
d) Most forms of energy can be classified as either potential or kinetic

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