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This is a hand position on a Buddha statue.
a) Mantra
b) Mudra
c) Stupa
d) Lama

This is a word or phrase chanted for meditation.
a) Mudra
b) Haiku
c) Mantra
d) Mahayana

An ___________________ is someone who gives up worldly pleasures.
a) Bodhisattva
b) Guru
c) Stupa
d) Ascetic

This is a form of Zen poetry that originated in Japan.
a) Haiku
b) Mantra
c) Mudra
d) Theravada

This is the belief that you do not need to go to extremes to achieve enlightenment.
a) Impermanence
b) Middle Way
c) Eightfold Path
d) Four Noble Truths

According to the Four Noble Truths, what is the root of all suffering.
a) Hard work
b) Cravings; Selfish wanting
c) Impermanence
d) Selflessness

What part of the Eight-Fold Path instructs us to be careful and truthful in what we say?
a) Right Action
b) Right Understanding
c) Right Effort
d) Right Speech

The Eight-Fold Path is most closely related to what Hindu belief?
a) Karma
b) Dharma
c) Samsara
d) Reincarnation

Which branch of Buddhism spread South from India and holds the belief that only monks can achieve enlightenment?
a) Zen
b) Mahayana
c) Theravada
d) Tibetan

Which branch of Buddhism believes in Collective Nirvana?
a) Mahayana
b) Zen
c) Theravada
d) Tibetan

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