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With a damaged liver, which of the following is MOST likely?
a) Carbon dioxide builds up in the body
b) Toxins build up in the body
c) Less oxygen in the body
d) Fewer nutrients in the body

Which of the following are wastes produced by your body?
a) Carbon dioxide
b) Urine
c) Feces
d) All of the above

You begin to exercise regularly for several months. What is most likely to happen to your resting pulse (compared to your resting pulse before you began exercising)?
a) It will increase
b) It will decrease
c) It will stay the same
d) It will become more variable

An infection of the respiratory system would most likely cause a person to have:
a) A cough
b) A skin rash
c) Muscle scoreness
d) Diarrhea

Which of the following is most responsible for the mechanical breakdown of food?
a) Saliva
b) Teeth
c) Stomach
d) Small intestine

Although chemical digestion occurs throughout the digestive system, it mostly occurs in the:
a) Esophagus and stomach
b) Liver and gall bladder
c) Liver and pancreas
d) Stomach and intestines

An infectious disease is usually:
a) Caused by genes
b) Caused by microbes
c) Cause by the environmental factors
d) All of the above

The germ theory of disease refers to the idea that:
a) All diseases are caused by microbes
b) Infectious diseases are caused by microbes
c) Some diseases are caused by genes
d) Some diseases are caused by bad food

Antibiotics can be used to kill:
a) All microbes
b) Protists, bacteria, and viruses
c) Both
d) Neither

John and Jean both woke up with a severe sore throat and had an infection caused by streptococcus (a bacteria). They took antibiotics. John was better after 10 days but Jean still had a sore throat. Which is the best explanation for why?
a) Jean had side effects from the antibiotic
b) Jean was infected with an antibiotic-resistant strain of streptococcus
c) Jean didn't like the taste of the antibiotic
d) John used a better brand of cough drops than Jean did

You decide you no longer want your exotic pet frog. The best way to deal with your unwanted from is to:
a) Leave it near a local pond
b) Return it to the pet store
c) Let it go free in your backyard
d) All of the above are good options

The role of a producer in an ecosystem is to:
a) Convert the sun's energy into energy stored as food
b) Convert other organisms into energy
c) Eat other living organisms for energy
d) Break down dead waste matter

A new species of fish has been introduced into Lake Hiawatha. This fish eats minnows, a smaller fish that already live in the lake. What is most likely to happen to the population of minnows in Lake Hiawatha?
a) It will increase
b) It will decrease
c) It will stay the same
d) It will first increase, then decrease

A new species of fish has been introduced into Lake Hiawatha. This fish eats minnows, a smaller fish that already live in the lake. The new species of fish added another ________ to the lake.
a) Producer
b) Decomposer
c) Consumer
d) None of the above

Scientists collect evidence by making________.
a) Hypotheses
b) Inferences
c) Opinions
d) Observations

Miko wondered which of her friends can run the fastest. She decides that a race, starting at the maple tree and ending at the oak tree, will answer her question. Which variable(s) is she planning to control?
a) Time
b) Distance
c) Both
d) Neither

Maria isn't sure how much sugar to add to her powered drink mix. She decides to test how much sugar will make her drink too sweet. Which of the following would be a good hypothesis for her experiment?
a) Adding lemon will make it less sweet
b) More than 2 spoonfuls of sugar is too much
c) It does not need any additional sugar
d) Sugar will always make it taste better

You are worried that your results are inconsistent. What might you do to address this concern?
a) Increase the number of trials
b) Increase the range
c) Measure in feet
d) Graph the reuslts

The trade-offs in choosing to be tested for a genetic disease include:
a) You might find out you have the disease
b) It may become difficult to get health insurance
c) Both
d) Neither

Two parents are both carriers for a genetic trait that is based on only one gene. This means that their offspring:
a) Cannot have the trait
b) Will all be carriers for the trait
c) Have a 25% chance of inheriting the trait
d) Have a 50% chance of inheriting the trait

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