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A shot that shows a small part of a subject (usually brings the action closer to the viewer)
a) Close-up; CU
b) Medium Shot; MS
c) Wide Shot; WS
d) Extreme Wide Shot; XWS

The area in a non-linear editing program where you assemble your shots in the order you want them to play
a) timeline
b) storyboard
c) thumbnails
d) program

The colors typically used for chromakey
a) Green and blue
b) Red, green, and blue
c) Purple and pink
d) Green and white

The way in which any two shots are joined together
a) transition
b) storyboard
c) thumbnails
d) digital effect

The way we retrieve or add our footage to a video editing device can be defined as ...
a) recording
b) downloading/ingesting
c) all of these answers
d) capturing

Titles that move vertically up or down the screen
a) Crawl
b) Roll
c) Fly
d) Zoom

A shot of someone or something reacting to the previous shot
a) typical 'reaction shot'
b) stare down
c) QandA editing
d) 'cut with a look'

Titles that move horizontally across the screen
a) Crawl
b) Roll
c) Fly
d) Zoom

Flipping, flopping, slo-mo, chromakey and mosaic are all different types of ....
a) transitions
b) special effects
c) titles
d) sound effects

An off-screen voice that helps to deliver info, provide the point of view of a character or to allow the character to comment on the action (usually done with a voice-over)
a) narration
b) audio
c) log line
d) synopsis

A series of shots that portray the passing of time or relationship between actions
a) montage
b) reaction shots
c) bundle
d) collage

Edit points that are done to make it seem like time is continuous
a) invisible cuts
b) jump cuts
c) trimming
d) matching

Adjusting an edit point or cutting stuff out
a) trimming
b) taking
c) anchoring
d) marking

The last frame of a selected recording
a) in-point
b) out-point
c) end
d) take

The first frame of a selected recording (where the clip begins)
a) in-point
b) out-point
c) start
d) take

Pans can do which of the following?
a) lead the action of a moving subject
b) connect two or more points of interest
c) reveal more things in the frame as it's moving
d) all of these answers: reveal, connect, and lead (just like ALL the other answers say)

Allows you to selectively boost or reduce various frequencies
a) equalizer
b) frequency
c) shot-put
d) peaking

Refining, enhancing, or balancing your audio
a) sound editing
b) foley
c) editing shots
d) audio marking

What part of the camera lets light in?
a) the battery
b) the lens
c) the LCD monitor
d) the record trigger

True or False? Sound editing never refines, enhances, or balances your audio
a) True
b) False
c) I don't know
d) I don't care

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