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The word for gym in Spanish is...
a) el gimnasia
b) el gimnasio
c) la gimnasia
d) la gimnasio

The English meaning of la escuela is...
a) the synagogue
b) the store
c) the park
d) the school

To say mall, the Spanish word or phrase is...
a) el malo
b) el centro
c) el centro comercial
d) None of the above

Adonde vas is a phrase that asks...
a) where you are from
b) where you are going
c) where are you
d) what are you going to do

The Spanish word for city is...
a) el esiti
b) la esiti
c) el ciudad
d) la ciudad

During this chapter, el campo was used to mean...
a) the camp
b) the city
c) the mountains
d) the country

Which of the following is NOT a religious building?
a) la sinagoga
b) la iglesia
c) la piscina
d) la mezquita

The word for library is...
a) El libreria
b) La libreria
c) El biblioteca
d) La biblioteca

La iglesia is the Spanish word for...
a) the church
b) the synagogue
c) the mosque
d) the pool

The word la sinagoga is the Spanish for...
a) the school
b) the city
c) the church
d) the synagogue

La mezquita means...
a) the month
b) the mosque
c) March
d) Mom

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