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a) he made
b) they did
c) she had
d) I hid

a) he tried
b) she brought
c) I traded
d) you wore a suit

a) they said
b) we tried
c) you all came
d) she decided

a) she was
b) we got dressed
c) you were
d) you all went

a) we put
b) you all were able
c) they tried
d) they bought

a) we left
b) you all lived
c) they came
d) she recorded a Vine

a) I had
b) you tried
c) she had
d) he brought

a) I said
b) he said
c) she decided
d) I dj'd

a) to decide
b) to read
c) to do; to make
d) to say / tell

a) to try
b) to teach
c) to bring
d) to leave

a) to go
b) to leave
c) to come
d) to live

a) to be
b) to write
c) to keep
d) to listen to

a) to do; to make
b) to have
c) to try
d) to be able

a) to do; to make
b) to work
c) to be
d) to have

a) to put, place, set
b) to be able; can
c) to spend
d) to lose

a) to put, place, set
b) to be able; can
c) to lift
d) to skate

a) you all put
b) they played
c) she made pudding
d) you were able

they brought
a) trajeron
b) trajieron
c) trayeron
d) trayaron

he said
a) digo
b) decidiĆ³
c) dio
d) dijo

nos dijeron
a) we told them
b) they told us
c) they woke us up
d) we woke them up

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