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Object of different masses are suspended from a height. Which combination of features will have the greatest gravitational potential energy?
a) Low mass and Low height
b) Low mass and high height
c) High mass and high height
d) High mass and low height

What energy transformation takes place when a radio is plugged in and turned on?
a) Kinetic to potential
b) Electrical to sound
c) Wire to radio waves
d) Battery to motion

Which list consists of only renewable energy sources?
a) Solar, nuclear, coal, wind
b) Wind, solar, hydroelectric, tidal
c) Nuclear, petroleum, wind, hydroelectric
d) Petroleum, tidal, solar, biomass

Cory noticed that the hood of the car was hot after driving it for awhile. What energy transformation was she noticing?
a) Chemical energy transforming to thermal energy
b) Thermal energy transforming to motion (kinetic)
c) Temperature energy transforming to braking energy
d) Motion (kinetic) transforming to thermal energy

On a summer day, asphalt in hot on your bare feet because the asphalt has ______ heat from the sun.
a) Absorbed
b) Transmitted
c) Reflected
d) Scattered

If there is no force acting on an object, it will
a) Move at the same speed
b) Move in the same direction
c) Move with the same speed AND direction
d) Eventually slow down and stop

What does it take to change the direction or speed of an object?
a) More than one force
b) An unbalanced force
c) A balanced force
d) No force

A bird flies 50 meters in 10 seconds. What is its speed?
a) 0.2 seconds per meter
b) 0.2 meters per second
c) 5 seconds per meter
d) 5 meters per second

What is the force needed to accelerate a 10 kg object at 2 m/s2?
a) 5 N
b) 2 N
c) 0.2 N
d) 20 N

Imagine you were able to throw ball in a frictionless environment such as outer space. Once you let go of the ball, what will happen to the ball according to the Law of Inertia?
a) It will travel in a straight line indepfinitely
b) It will travel in a straight line but eventually slow down
c) It will continue to speed up indefinitely
d) It will slow down and turn

What safety rules should you always follow while doing a science laboratory?
a) Wear safety goggles at all times
b) Clearly label all chemicals
c) Tell your teacher immediately if a spill occurs
d) All of the above

Mineral oil is less dense than water. Mercury, a liquid metal, is more dense than water. If mineral oil, mercury, and water were mixed together, which liquid would float to the top?
a) Mercury
b) Mineral oil
c) Water
d) Both mercury and mineral oil would float to the top

Which of the following is an example of a mixture that can be separated using a filter?
a) Water and alcohol
b) Iron and sand
c) Saltwater
d) Sand and water

When choosing a material to make a product, such as a soft drink container, an important factor to consider is
a) How much it costs to produce
b) The environmental impact of the manufacturing process
c) How easy it is to recycle after the container is used
d) All of the above

Which of the following is a list of physical properties
a) Density, conductivity, reaction with acid
b) Flexibility, reaction with hydrochloric acid, color
c) Temperature change when a chemical is added, texture, density
d) Electrical conductivity, hardness, ability to transmit light

Which of the following is a compound
a) N
b) Na
c) CO
d) Ca

While working on an activity to investigate chemical reactions, a student mixes two clear liquids in a beaker. When the two liquids mix, the result is a clear liquid and an orange solid precipitate. Which best describes the reactants?
a) The initial two clear liquids
b) The resulting clear liquid and the beaker
c) The orange solid precipitate
d) All of the above

Which of the following statements about dilution as an approach to handling toxic water is TRUE?
a) Dilution removes the toxic materials in clear liquid wastes
b) Diluting a liquid until it is clear and colorless means that the liquid is safe for disposal in local sewers
c) Dilution lowers the concentration of toxic materials in liquid wastes
d) All of the above

Some salt, vegetables, and spices are added to some hot water. The salt disappears into the water, the vegetables sink to the bottom, and the spices float. Which of the following is the solute in this mixture?
a) Salt
b) Vegetables
c) Spices
d) Water

Water that is traveling through the water cycle can pick up contaminants
a) When falling through the air as precipitation
b) When traveling as surface water in a river
c) When traveling underground as groundwater
d) All of the above

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