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Which of the following structures is part of the human respiratory system?
a) Aorta
b) Pancreas
c) Nose
d) None of the above

If you regularly eat more calories than your boy uses, you are likely to:
a) Gain weight
b) Lose weight
c) Have no change in weight
d) First gain weight, then lose weight

Which of the following best describes how the human body is organized, from the largest to the smallest structure?
a) Organs, organ systems, tissues, cells
b) Organ systems, organs, tissues, cells
c) Organ systems. tissues, organs, cells
d) Cells, tissues, organs, organ systems

For food to be absorbed by your body, which of the following must occur?
a) Mechanical breakdown
b) Chemical breakdown
c) Both a and b
d) Neither a nor b

A good model of the human heart might show the heart as a:
a) Balloon
b) House
c) Pump
d) Valve

The human heart is a(n)
a) Muscle
b) Organ
c) Both
d) Neither

Which of the following lists structures from smallest to largest?
a) Bacteria, virus, protist
b) Protist, bacteria, Virus
c) Virus, protist, bacteria
d) Virus, bacteria protist

Bacteria can be found in the:
a) Soil
b) Air
c) Human Body
d) All of the above

Quarantine is something used to prevent the spread of an infectious disease. A tradeoff associated with quarantine is that:
a) People who are quarantined lose their freedom
b) The disease is less likely to spread to other people
c) Both
d) Neither

You decide to use only the highest power objective to examine microbes under the microscope. A tradeoff of your decision is that:
a) It may be harder to find microbes
b) You can only see smaller section of the slide
c) Both
d) Neither

A vaccine works by
a) Flushing the disease out of the body
b) Causing a person to make antibodies that will fight the disease
c) Causing a person to make more red blood cells
d) Killing the bacteria that are growing in the sick person's body

Which of the following is NOT an example of a producer?
a) Rose bush
b) Grasshopper
c) Apple tree
d) Wheat

The word ecosystem refers to:
a) The physical environment
b) Living organisms
c) Living organisms and the physical environment
d) Living organisms in the laboratory

What do most plants need for photosynthesis to occur?
a) Carbon dioxide, water and sunlight
b) Oxygen, water, and sunlight
c) Oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water
d) Food, water and sunlight

a) Convert the sun's energy into energy stored as food
b) Create energy for consumers
c) Eat other living organisms for energy
d) Break down dead and waste matter

Which of the following is NOT part of a well-designed experiment?
a) Control
b) Multiple trials
c) A reproducible procedure
d) Small sample size

Miko wonders which of her friends can run the fastest. She decides that a race, starting at the maple tree and ending at the oak tree, will answer her question. Which variables(s) is she planning to control?
a) Time
b) Distance
c) Both
d) Neither

Scientists who study people should be aware that:
a) People are all the same
b) No conclusions can be made about people
c) People vary in their responses, but general conclusions can be made
d) Each person is different, so conclusions can only be made about individual people

A trait can be determined by:
a) One gene
b) Many genes
c) The enviornment
d) All of the above

Two parent are both carriers for a genetic trait that is based on only one gene. This means that their offspring:
a) Cannot have the trait
b) Will all be carriers for the trait
c) Have a 25% chance of inheriting the trait
d) Have a 50% chance of inheriting the trait

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