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What animals assist people in living and work?
a) service animals
b) companion animals
c) meat animals
d) dairy cattle

What are the most important internal parts of dairy cattle?
a) artificial insemination
b) testes
c) rump and back
d) reproductive and mammary systems

Which breed is the most popular breed of dairy cattle?
a) ayrshire
b) brown swiss
c) holstein
d) jersey

What term is used to describe a mature male hog used for breeding?
a) boar
b) gilt
c) piglet
d) sow

Which term describes the process of a sow producing offspring?
a) farrowing
b) prolificacy
c) pedigree
d) yield

What are both sheep and goats raised produce?
a) beef and pork
b) mohair
c) food and clothing
d) hoofs

Which term describes the process of a goat giving birth to its offspring?
a) kidding
b) lambing
c) flocking
d) calving

A castrated male horse is called what?
a) stallion
b) colt
c) gelding
d) filly

___ are chickens that are used to produce large quantities of eggs
a) layers
b) broilers
c) hens
d) rooster

Which of the following explain why cats are a popular choice of pets?
a) require less space and care than most pets
b) can go out and find their own food
c) do not need to be de-clawed
d) will regularly have kittens

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