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A Collection Of Review Questions Related To Our SEPUP Energy Unit. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

More photovoltaic panels in a circuit will create ____________.
a) Less electricity
b) More electricity
c) Less heat
d) More heat

Which list consists of only renewable energy sources?
a) Solar, nuclear, coal , wind
b) wind, solar, hydroelectric, tidal
c) nuclear, petroleum, wind, hydroelectric
d) petroleum, tidal, solar, biomass

On a summer day, pavement is hot on your bare feet because it has _______ heat from the sun
a) absorbed
b) transmitted
c) reflected
d) scattered

Metals can be compared based on their reactivity. Which pair of metals would produce the most energy when used together in a chemical battery?
a) More Reactive combined with less reactive
b) Two highly reactive metals
c) Two non-reactive metals
d) Two equally reactive metals.

When you open the refrigerator door for a minute, what happens?
a) Thermal energy in the refrigerator is transferred to the outside air.
b) Thermal energy in the air outside the refrigerator is transferred to the inside.
c) The temperature of the air inside the refrigerator decreases.
d) The temperature of the air just outside the refrigerator increases.

How are series circuits and parallel circuits different?
a) Series circuits are won in 7 games. Parallel circuits are one in two games.
b) Parallel circuits run in straight lines, series circuits are circular.
c) Series circuits have one path of electricity, parallel circuits have more than one path of electricity.
d) Parallel circuits are just longer series circuits.

Which of these factors affect the strength of solar energy in an area
a) Angle of the sun and amount of daylight
b) Time Zone
c) Angle of the moon and tides
d) Temperature and precipitation

Which units are used for measuring energy?
a) Pounds
b) Meters
c) degrees Celsius
d) calories

Which combination of features will have the greatest gravitational potential energy?
a) Low mass and low height
b) Low mass and high height
c) High mass and high height
d) High mass and low height

Which statement best describes the Law of Conservation of Energy?
a) Energy can not be created or destroyed but it can change from one form to another.
b) Energy is created from the Earth and is destroyed when we use it.
c) Energy should be saved (conserved) for use in the future.
d) All forms of energy can be classified as either potential or kinetic.

The efficiency of a machine means . . .
a) How fast it is
b) How much of the energy is used for the expected purpose
c) How far it will go
d) How much energy it uses

When you plug in a radio, what type of energy transformation takes place?
a) Kinetic to potential
b) Electrical to sound
c) Wire to radio waves
d) Battery to motion

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