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An active virus
a) becomes active right away
b) hides out in your body
c) stays present forever
d) can be cured with an antibiotic

An latent virus plays what popular game?
a) tag
b) kickball
c) hide and go seek
d) duck duck goose

The steps of a virus reproduction in sequential order
a) copy, release, attach, invade
b) attach, invade, copy, release
c) attach, release, copy, invade
d) invade, attach, release, copy

Viruses are classified by:
a) shape
b) kind of hereditary material
c) kind of organism they infect, reproduction
d) all of the above

Common cold and the flu affect what part of the body
a) respiratory system
b) immune system
c) nervous system
d) muscular system

Doctor credited with developing first vaccine
a) Alexander Oparin
b) Francesco Redi
c) Edward Jenner
d) Louis Pasteur

Gene therapy works by
a) substiting correct coded hereditary material for incorrect
b) antibiotics
c) surgery
d) cloning

There are vaccines for the following diseases
a) AIDS, measles, mumps, cold
b) HIV, chicken pox, flu, cold
c) common cold, flu, smallpox
d) polio, chicken pox, flu, mumps, smallpox

The cell in which a virus reproduces is the
a) nucleus
b) parent cell
c) host cell
d) none of the above

Edward Jenner made the first vaccine proteting people from what disease?
a) polio
b) smallpox
c) chicken pox
d) measles

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