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How does a species survive a climate change over thousands of years?
a) it reproduces more rapidly
b) it hibernates and waits for better climate conditions
c) it makes no changes
d) it adapts to the changing climate

Coyotes are beginning to move back into areas where humans live. They have learned to feed off of human garbage and small pets. This is an example of _____.
a) speciation
b) population shift
c) biodiversity
d) adaptation

Which of the following could most easily survive in a saltwater marsh ecosystem?
a) octopus
b) dolphin
c) penguin
d) crab

Identify the statement that describes the relationship between a community and an ecosystem
a) ecosystems are found within communities
b) communities are found within ecosystems
c) communities and ecosystems are the same thing
d) communities and ecosystems are unrelated

Which waste product from humans do plants use for photosynthesis?
a) decaying matter
b) carbon dioxide
c) hydrogen
d) oxygen

The transfer of nitrogen from the atmosphere to the soil, to living organisms, and back to the atmosphere is called the
a) nitrogen cycle
b) nitrogen fixation
c) soil nitrogen
d) nitrogen assimilation

How are burning fossil fuels and burning calories during exercise similar
a) both processes produce CO2
b) both processes produce O2
c) both processes are significant contributors to global warming
d) both processes break down food

nitrogen is returned to soil and air when _____
a) bacteria produce it and leave it as waste
b) animals release it when breathing
c) plants and animals die and decay
d) the atmosphere needs more

When a group of animals overpopulates an area, the food supply runs low. What can relieve this situation?
a) migration of individuals to another area
b) using a fence to split the area in half
c) increasing the age of the population
d) surrounding the area with a fence

Organisms in overpopulated areas struggle to survive because ________
a) there is not enough space
b) there are not enough mates
c) there is not enough food, water, and shelter
d) there is not enough sunlight

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