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The Battle of ___________________ is considered the turning point on the eastern front in WWII.
a) Stalingrad
b) St. Petersburg
c) Poland
d) Czechoslovakia

The _____________________ was directed against the beaches of France.
a) Battle of Midway
b) Battle of Normandy
c) Battle of Guadalcanal
d) D-Day invasion

Hitler's _________________ led to the mass murder of almost 8,000,000 Jews in Concentration Camps .
a) Final Solution
b) Aryan Supremacy
c) Kristallnacht
d) Mein Kampf

The murder of almost 8,000,000 Jews is known as the ______________.
a) Holocaust
b) Kristallnacht
c) Final Solution
d) Mein Kampf

Adolf Hitler's idea of Aryan Supremacy held the idea that those individuals with _______________________ were racially superior.
a) blonde hair and blue eyes
b) black hair and brown eyes
c) white skin and red hair
d) dark skin and blonde hair

The codenames of Utah, Omaha, Juno, Sword, and Gold were used in what battle?
a) D-Day
b) Midway
c) the Bulge
d) Gudalcanal

Which battle turned the tide for the Allies in the Pacific?
a) Guadalcanal
b) Midway
c) D-Day
d) Pearl Harbor

Germany declared war on the U.S. right after what event?
a) The US dropping the bomb on Hiroshima
b) Pearl Harbor
c) D-Day
d) The Battle of the Bulge

The building of the ______________ was because of a dispute between the U.S. and U.S.S.R. over how to run Germany.
a) Berlin Wall
b) Badenburg Arch
c) Country of Israel
d) Concentration Camps

The United States used the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe in order to avoid the spread of ______________.
a) Fascism
b) Capitalism
c) Communism
d) Maoism

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