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Schools were important because everyone needed to learn how to
a) read
b) write
c) solve math problems
d) hunt

All of the following were jobs of women except
a) weaving
b) cooking
c) hunting
d) making soap and candles

What was the name of the document that listed the rights of all free colonists?
a) Massachusetts Body of Literature
b) Massachusetts Body of Liberties
c) Massachusetts Body of Life
d) Massachusetts Body of the Colony

Who were allowed to vote during town meetings?
a) all colonists
b) only African American slave owners
c) only free white men who owned land
d) only English men who owned businesses

What is a barter system?
a) a system where people borrow things from one another and then return them afte an hourafter
b) a system where people trade with one another
c) a system where people steal from businesses, but return the stolen item when they are finished using it
d) a system where people only use the things they need

What was the center of the Puritan's town?
a) church
b) common
c) doctor's office
d) school

How long was a typical church servce?
a) exactly one hour
b) a few hours
c) most of the day
d) 45 minutes

Puitans lived their lives based on
a) religious beliefs
b) astrological signs
c) origin stores
d) the king's decisions

What is the name of a piece of paper attached to a paddle-shaped frame showing the alphabet?
a) flipbook
b) hornbook
c) sketchpad
d) horn of plenty

The Puritans founded what college?
a) Georgetown
b) Yale
c) Harvard
d) Providence

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