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A pest management strategy that uses a combination of management practices to reduce pest damage with the least disruption to the environment is a good definition for which of the following?
a) best management practices
b) action threshold
c) integrated pest management
d) economic or esthetic injury

What is the selective removal or reduction of certain plant parts?
a) rejuvenation
b) renewal
c) pruning
d) shearing

What are the two common root systems
a) fibrous and taproot
b) aerial and subterranean
c) deep and shallow
d) primary and secondary

Leaf like structures that are often colorful and attract pollinators are
a) sepals
b) the calyx
c) petals
d) filament

The practice of monitoring plants regularly to determine current levels of pest activity is known as______.
a) IPM
b) Scouting
c) BMP
d) Biological Control

Which are the four main routes that a pesticide can enter the body?
a) oral, dermal, inhalation, eye
b) oral, hair, blood, eye
c) blood, lymph nodes, dermal, inhalation
d) kidneys, dermal, hair, eye

What is a wooden surface, raised above ground level called?
a) exposed aggregate
b) a deck
c) hard paving
d) soft paving

Personal protective equipment, or PPE, _____.
a) are hot and uncomfortable
b) consist of devices worn to help protect people from injury
c) are hazardous
d) prevent accidents

The site selected for a water feature should be _____.
a) under shade trees
b) on a slope
c) be located where it can be enjoyed from the house, patio, or other vista
d) viruses

What is a form of up lighting that uses small lights to highlight a particular plant, small garden element, or work of art?
a) accent lighting
b) on a slope
c) shadow lighting
d) mirror lighting

A fertilizer that dissolves over a period of time and slowly releases nutrients is considered a
a) granular fertilizer
b) liquid fertilizer
c) foliar fertilizer
d) slow release fertilizer

a ____ is anything that causes injury or loss to a plant?
a) aphid
b) mealy bug
c) mite
d) plant pest

What is a toll used to remove cores of soil in compacted areas?
a) leaf blower
b) aerator
c) weedeater
d) grass edger

What name is used for a flower garden placed along a fence or wall in the yard?
a) island garden
b) cut flower garden
c) english garden
d) border garden

Which of the following is a mechanical method of weed control?
a) use of pre-emergence herbicides
b) hoeing or hand pulling
c) use of herbicides
d) use of post-emergence

Which of the following are the best types of plants for a landscape?
a) those that have good fruit effects
b) those that have four season appeal
c) those that have attractive flowers
d) those that have attractive fall color

What kills all plants regardless of species?
a) selective herbicide
b) non-selective herbicide
c) contract herbicide
d) growth herbicide

Why is soil compaction a problem in the landscape?
a) it can make it rough for roots to grow due to lack of oxygen exchange and hardness of the soil
b) it really is never a major problem
c) it provides an unstable base for paving material
d) it allows water leach right through to the bedrock

A safer, less expensive, and widely adaptable lighting is made possible with _____.
a) high voltage lighting systems
b) medium voltage lighting systems
c) low voltage lighting systems
d) high voltage fixtures

What is the primary function of the leaf?
a) use light energy to make food
b) anchor the plant, absorb water and nutrients, store food
c) support the leaves and flowers
d) sexual reproduction of the plant

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