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In order to protect children during the Battle of Britain: (25)
a) People planted gardens so they had good to eat.
b) Kids were sent to the USA.
c) Kids were sent to the country-side.
d) Kids were enlisted in the military

What does inflation mean? (24)
a) When companies join together and decide to raise prices.
b) When one uses air to inflate a balloon.
c) When the air in a balloon is lost.
d) When the price of goods increase and the value of money decreases

__________ causing Britain and France to declare war on Germany.(26)
a) Hitler and Stalin signed a treaty.
b) Germany joined Italy
c) Germany invaded Poland
d) Italy invaded Ethopia

What country benefited from the war in Korea?
a) United States
b) China
c) Japan
d) Soviet union

France too over Vietnam during __________.(43)
a) Exploration
b) Vietnam War
c) Imperialism

US gave $13 billion to Western Europe to help them rebuild after WWII. (44)
a) Containment
b) Reparations
c) Marshall Plan
d) Truman Doctrine

Children in Nazi Germany... (30)
a) Were expected to attend school year round.
b) Wear patches on their clothes to show their age.
c) Were to be respectful to all elders.
d) Were taught to be respectful and loyal to Hitler.

._________ was one major cause of the Great Depression.(40)
a) Labor strikes in Great Britain
b) The US stock market crash
d) Global influence

______________ were usually established in the poor sections of a city, where most of the Jews from the city and surrounding areas were subsequently forced to reside. Often surrounded by barbed wire or walls, and usually sealed off. (39)
a) Ghettos
b) Concentration Camps
c) Slums
d) Internment Camps

US policy during WWII to separate themselves from war. (27)
a) Segregation
b) Loneliness
c) Isolation
d) Seperatism

Who was Dorie Miller?
a) The first man to decode the Japanese message to the United States
b) The first African American awarded the Navy Cross
c) Captain of the USS Arizona
d) The last survivor of the USS West Virginia

US atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and (23)
a) Nagasaki
b) Hokkaido
c) Tokyo
d) Nuremburg

Hitlers was given __________ in exchange, he promised to stop expanding Germany. (31)
a) Sudetenland
b) Austria
c) Czechoslovakia
d) Rhineland

To pacify or calm. (21)
a) Appease
b) Apprehend
c) Discuss
d) Counsel

What helped Europe recover from ruins of WWII?
b) Marshall Plan
c) the Iron Curtain
d) the Truman Doctrine

Bodies of the dead piled up at Auschwitz due to: (20)
a) The smell kept people away.
b) An attempt to lower morale of the prisoners.
c) Exposed bodies make good fertilizer.
d) The crematorium couldn't keep up.

British leaders used a _____________ policy to avoid war with Germany. (19)
a) negotiations
b) appeasement
c) treaty
d) mediation

Who was known for his anti-Semitism (15)
a) Churchill
b) Roosevelt
c) Mussolini
d) Hitler

When the US outlawed alcohol...
a) Citizens protested and marched to Washington
b) People celebrated the good morales of US politicians
c) People gathered in church on Friday and Saturday nights.
d) People made hidden bars and clubs

Why was the Home Guard called the Dad’s Army? (29)
a) It was made up of men that were too young or too old for the regular military.
b) It was an army to protect dad
c) It was the official name given to them by government officials.
d) Only dads could be a member

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