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All of the following are ways Britain prepared for war except: (#1)
a) Cutting off the electricity to conserve it.
b) Anderson Shelters
c) Gas Masks
d) Rationing

One of the new technologies used by the British during the Battle of Britain was _________.
a) Infa-red
b) Spot lights

The Nazis made Jews wear _________ on their clothing. (#2)
a) a swastika
b) a yellow Star of David
c) a green, three-pointed leaf
d) a red cross

British Prime Minister responsible for appeasement. (#6)
a) Franklin D Roosevelt
b) Woodrow Wilson
c) Neville Chamberlain
d) Winston Churchill

First African American to receive the Navy Cross: (#7)
a) Bill Cosby
b) Dorie Miller
c) Cuba Gooding Junior
d) Martin Luther King Jr.

Hitlers war steps were: (#8)
a) Rhineland, Austria, Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia, Great Britain, and France.
b) Austria, Rhineland, Sudetenland, Czecholslavokia, France, Poland, Soviet Union
c) Rhineland, Austria, Sudetenland, Czecholslavokia, Danzig, Poland, France, Great Britain
d) Sudetenland, Rhineland, Austria, Poland, France, Great Britain, and Soviet Union

Britain prepared for war by: (#1)
a) Wearing dark clothes
b) Sending kids to the US
c) All the answer choices are correct
d) Growing gardens

Half of the dead at Pearl harbor are buried in: (#3)
a) USS Arizona
b) USS West Virginia
c) USS Maryland
d) USS Oklahoma

During WWII the US sold goods to Great Britain and Great Britain had to transport them. (#4)
a) Lend-Lease
b) Cash and Go
c) Cash-Carry
d) Help the Allies

The main target at Pearl Harbor was: (#5)
a) The hospitals
b) Battleship Row
c) Fuel supply
d) Aircraft carriers

When the USSR imposed a blockade the other Allies were forced to use ______________ to get supplies to West Berlin. (#9)
a) railroads
b) trucks
c) roads
d) planes

Because the Navajo language was only spoken and not written. (10)
a) radios were an important part of Navajo reservation life.
b) the Navajo soldiers did not know how to read and write.
c) the military had to find ways to write down Navajo language sounds.
d) there would be no books from which an enemy could learn the Navajo language.

Jewish bodies were disposed of by: (11)
a) Burning and mass graves
b) Mass grave and burying at sea.
c) Burning, mass graves, and burying at sea.
d) Burning and burying at sea.

How did the military in Japan gain control of the government before WWII?
a) Killed the prime minister
b) elected military officials into office
c) The capital was bombed leaving only the military officials alive
d) Killed the emperor

Media impacted the Vietnam War in all of the following ways except: (12)
a) Showed how American from coast to coast supported the war.
b) TV shows had shown Americans as always being victorious and being able to solve the problem quickly.
c) . Informing Americans that the war was not almost over like the president had promised.
d) Brought the war home for Americans to see what war really looked like

Money the losing country gives the winning country for war damages. (13)
a) Check
b) Settlement
c) Reparations
d) Treaty

What was the purpose of the Jewish ghettos? (17)
a) establish the criteria for modern ghettos.
b) To learn whether Jews could live closely together
c) To kill Jews by forcing them together
d) Gather all Jews from the region.

What country collected all the family run farms and factories and combined them, making them government run and operated? (18)
a) Germany
b) United States
c) Great Britain
d) Soviet Union

Paying a small portion and using credit to for the remainder. (14)
a) Credit
b) Margin
c) Bankrupt
d) Loan

The intense dislike for and prejudice against Jewish people. (16)
a) Bias
b) Prejudice
c) Racism
d) Anti-Semitism

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