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_______________ means punishing a group because of its beliefs.
a) Resurrection
b) persecution
c) martydom
d) constantinople

People who die for their religious beliefs are called __________
a) Gauls
b) Romans
c) Apostles
d) martyrs

__________ of Tarses traveled throughout the Roman world spreading Christian teachings.
a) John
b) Paul
c) Matthew
d) Luke

The __________ were 12 men whom Jesus chose to receive special training.
a) martyrs
b) tomb raiders
c) holy men
d) apostles

Christian's refer to Jesus' rise from the dead as the
a) Holy Sunday
b) Resurrection
c) Christmas
d) Easter

Divided into two parts, Old and New Testaments, the __________ is the holy book of Christianity.
a) Bible
b) Torah
c) Quran
d) Sacred text

The Jews were waiting for the ___________ which means God's Chosen One.
a) Prophet
b) Pharaoh
c) Messiah
d) Judah

At the beginning of the first century AD, a new religion appeared in Judea called ___________________________
a) Hinduism
b) Christianity
c) Judaism
d) Jainism

When the __________ conquered people, they generally allowed them to keep their own religious beliefs and customs
a) Greeks
b) Egyptians
c) Romans
d) Indians

Between 58 and 50 BC Julius Cesar conquered nearly all of
a) Gaul
b) Canaan
c) Rome
d) Egypt

Romans called the capital of the eastern empire
a) Gaul
b) Rome
c) Constantinople
d) Saul

Which group of people came from central Asia to the Indus Valley after it had been abandoned
a) Egyptians
b) Sri Lankans
c) Aryans
d) Khybers

The Yellow River flows through northern China. It is also known as the
a) Long River
b) Tigris River
c) Huang River
d) Tiber River

Who was Laozi?
a) The creator of Legalism
b) The most famous Daoist teacher
c) he founded the first dynasty
d) a famous Chinese poet

The ancient Jews probably were the first people to
a) conduct religious ceremonies
b) Use the Nile for transporation
c) believe in many gods
d) build ziggurats

Why did the Ashkenazim and Sephardim develop different rituals and cultures?
a) the both settled in eastern Europe
b) they were discriminated by different rulers
c) they shared the same beliefs
d) they lived in different parts of the world

In what way were the Mycenaeans different than the Minoans?
a) the Mycenaeans lived on Greek islands
b) the Mycenaeans did not speak Greek
c) the Mycenaeans lived on teh Greek mainland
d) the Mycenaeans were not traders

The temple built to honor the goddess Athena
a) Parthenon
b) Acropolis
c) Thermopylae
d) Delphi

The many achievements of Ancient Greece were important because
a) they helped Greece become a military power
b) they showed the curiosity of the Greek mind
c) they strongly shaped western civilization
d) they encouraged people to use reason

Tribunes had the ability to veto actions by other officials. This means the tribunes
a) approved those actions
b) prohibited those actions
c) changed those actions
d) make those actions into laws

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