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How many parents contribute genes to an offspring during asexual reproduction?
a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d) 3

Trisomy on chromosome 21 results in
a) Down syndrome
b) a cleft palate and serious brain defects
c) Patau syndrome
d) a sex genotype of XXY

Which term best describes the purpose of a Punnett square?
a) conclude
b) analyze
c) test
d) predict

Which of the following is the best example of codominance?
a) a cat with an allele for a long tail
b) a person with AB blood type
c) a plant with an allele for small leaves and an allele for red flowers
d) a mouse with a dominant allele for fur color

If a cow contains two codominant alleles—one for white hide color and one for red hide color—what would the cow's hide probably look like?
a) white
b) orange
c) red
d) patches of white and patches of red

If a person has a dominant allele for brown eyes and a recessive allele for blue eyes, which statement is correct?
a) The individual has eye color that is a mix of brown and blue.
b) The individual has blue eyes.
c) The individual has brown eyes.
d) Eye color cannot be determined based on the given information.

Which statement is correct regarding a person who expresses a recessive trait?
a) She has one recessive allele for the trait.
b) She has one dominant allele for the trait.
c) She has two recessive alleles for the trait.
d) None of the statements are correct.

An organism's phenotype is best described as its
a) physical appearance
b) genetic heredity
c) number of chromosomes
d) number of alleles

A red parent flower and a white parent flower produced a pink offspring flower. This is most likely an example of
a) codominance
b) incomplete dominance
c) multiple alleles
d) polygenic inheritance

A student studying inheritance patterns drew a monohybrid cross showing each parent with the Ww genotype. What are the chances that the offspring will be homozygous?
a) 1 out of 4
b) 2 out of 4
c) 3 out of 4
d) 4 out of 4

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