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What effect do solar flares have on Earth?
a) auroras
b) global warming
c) magnetic pole reversal
d) tides

A comet's tail always points
a) away from the sun
b) toward the sun
c) sideways
d) downward

The outermost layer of the sun is called the
a) ionosphere
b) photosphere
c) corona
d) chromosphere

Most asteroids lie between the orbits of
a) Mercury and Venus
b) Venus and Earth
c) Earth and Mars
d) Mars and Jupiter

Why isn't Pluto considered a planet?
a) Pluto has a moon, Charon, which is more than half its size
b) Pluto's gravity is too weak to pull in smaller debris, so it hasn't cleared its orbital path
c) Pluto's orbit around the sun is larger than that of any of the 8 planets
d) Pluto is smaller than all the 8 planets

Which of the following planets is the smallest?
a) Saturn
b) Venus
c) Mars
d) Mercury

What characteristic distinguished Neptune from the other planets?
a) Neptune is blue
b) Neptune is extremely cold
c) Neptune is the largest planet
d) Neptune is extremely windy

Which planet is associated with the Great Dark Spot?
a) Neptune
b) Jupiter
c) Mars
d) Saturn

Which planet, when viewed through a telescope, appears as a reddish ball interrupted by some permanent dark regions that change intensity?
a) Mercury
b) Earth
c) Mars
d) Saturn

On which thickly clouded planet has radar mapping revealed a varied topography consisting of plains, highlands, and thousands of volcanic structures?
a) Mercury
b) Venus
c) Neptune
d) Jupiter

Which planet has a cratered surface similar to Earth's moon?
a) Mars
b) Venus
c) Mercury
d) Saturn

All stars, regardless of size, eventually
a) turn into black dwarfs
b) explode
c) run out of fuel and collapse
d) become black holes

Our galaxy is called
a) local group
b) orion
c) andromeda
d) milky way

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