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Fish use their gills to get _____ from the water.
a) carbon dioxide
b) salt
c) plankton
d) oxygen

Which type of aquatic ecosystem is formed from the calcium carbonate shell secreted by animals?
a) lake
b) seamount
c) coral reef
d) estuary

Animals with gills live ________
a) in water
b) in trees
c) in deserts
d) on mountains

Which feature is needed in order for a pond animal to obtain oxygen from the water?
a) gills
b) lungs
c) scales
d) fins

The part of the ocean where the water is too deep for sunlight to penetrate to the bottom is called the _____zone.
a) aquatic
b) eutrophic
c) littoral
d) benthic

In an ocean ecosystem, the greatest diversity of organisms is found:
a) near the bottom
b) near a shoreline
c) at the surface
d) in a coral reef

Which of the following would be found at the bottom of an aquatic food chain
a) coral
b) water
c) minnows
d) phytoplankton

Aquatic ecosystems are classified based on the salinity of the water. These two ecosystems are:
a) marine and swamp
b) freshwater and marine
c) wetland and freshwater
d) brackish and marine

Which aquatic biome consists of a mix of fresh water and salt water?
a) an estuary
b) a mountain stream
c) a lake
d) the ocean

What marine ecosystem is built by tiny animals called polyps?
a) mangrove swamp
b) coral reef
c) estuary
d) ocean

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