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When you know something that a character doesn't.
a) situational irony
b) dramatic irony
c) verbal irony
d) connotative irony

Clues that something important will happen later....
a) flashback
b) foreshadowing
c) symbol
d) irony

This character doesn't change
a) dynamic
b) flat
c) round
d) static

A poem that tells a story
a) haiku
b) lyric
c) diamante
d) narrative

Italian word for diamond...this is also a type of poem
a) limerick
b) haiku
c) diamante
d) cinquain

A way to organize a poem is to use...
a) alliteration
b) stanzas
c) imagery
d) repetition

If you don't know the author's name, include this in your in-text citation instead...
a) title of the article
b) publisher of the article
c) source for the article
d) none of the above

This helps create balance in a sentence
a) clauses
b) parallelism
c) repetition
d) imagery

Connotative Language...
a) are words and phrases that appeal to our sense of logic
b) are words and phrases that have only one meaning
c) are words and phrases that have an emotional connection
d) are words and phrases with multiple meanings

Round Characters...
a) have only one trait
b) stay the same in a story
c) have many traits or qualities
d) are generally outgoing

Facts and statistics are examples of this...
a) logical appeal
b) emotional appeal
c) ethical appeal
d) denotative appeal

Cause and Effect signal words/phrases include all of the following except...
a) consquently
b) as a result
c) therefore
d) in opposition

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