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Polly purchased a vacuum cleaner but was very displeased with the performance of the product. The first resource for Polly to get the complaint resolved is what?
a) Better Business Bureau
b) Consumer Product Safety Commission
c) Small claims court
d) Store’s customer service department

Rob’s Roofing replaced shingles on Meredith’s house. When the first hard rain and wind came, the house leaked. No one at Rob’s Roofing is returning Meredith’s calls. Who can Meredith contact to help her?
a) BBB
d) FTC

Larry purchased items from the flea market. Larry is always careful due to CAVEAT EMPTOR. What does this term mean?
a) Let the buyer beware
b) Let the owner beware
c) Let the seller beware
d) Let the shipper beware

ACE, Inc. sent goods f.o.b. to Tony. What does the shipment term f.o.b. mean?
a) Found on board
b) Free on board
c) Freight on board
d) Future on board

When a consumer complaint is not resolved, the last resort for a consumer to contact with the complaint is what?
a) Appropriate regulatory agency
b) Attorney to file a lawsuit
c) Dispute resolution organization
d) Small claims court

Tony received goods COD. What does the term COD mean in a sales contract?
a) Cash on delivery
b) Cease or desist
c) Collect on delivery
d) Credit on delivery

Shane bought a new car. Shane parked his old car with a FOR SALE sign in the driveway. What guarantees will come with purchase of the old car?
a) Full warranty
b) Magnuson- Moss warranty
c) No warranty
d) Warranty of title

What is the body of laws governing commercial transactions in the United States.
a) UCC (Uniform Commercial Code)
b) BBB (Better Business Bureau)
c) FOB (Free on Board)
d) COD (Collect on Delivery)

What do you call a contract that is so grossly unfair that the courts will refuse to enforce it.
a) Unconscionable Contract
b) Proper Contract
c) Illegal Contract
d) Valid Contract

What is the law that requires certain contracts to be in writing?
a) Statute of Limitations
b) The Contract Act
c) Statute of Frauds
d) Contract Policy

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