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The type of boundary occurs where two plates move together, causing one plate to descend into the mantle beneath the other plate?
a) transform boundary
b) divergent boundary
c) convergent boundary
d) transitional boundary

What kind of plate boundary occurs where two plates grind past each other without destroying or producing lithosphere?
a) divergent boundary
b) convergent boundary
c) transitional boundary
d) transform fault boundary

According to the theory of plate tectonics,
a) the asthenosphere is divided into plates
b) the lithosphere is divided into plates
c) the asthenosphere moves over the lithosphere
d) the asthenosphere is strong and ridgid

The supercontinent in the continental drift hypothesis was called
a) Panthalassa
b) Pangaea
c) Mesosaurus
d) Africa

A tsunami can occur when there is vertical movement at a fault under
a) a mountain range
b) the San Andreas Fault
c) the ocean floor
d) a small inland lake

Which seismic waves compress and expand rocks in the direction the waves travel?
a) P waves
b) S waves
c) surface waves
d) transverse waves

When an earthquake occurs, energy radiates in all directions from its source, which is called the
a) epicenter
b) focus
c) fault
d) seismic center

A fault is
a) a place on Earth where earthquakes cannot occur
b) a fracture in the Earth where movement has occurred
c) the place on Earth's surface where structures move during an earthquake
d) another name for an earthquake

One characteristic of glacial movement is that
a) all glaciers, regardless of size, move at about the same rate
b) new snowfall accumulates in a zone at the bottom of the glacier
c) the zone of wastage is at the top of the glacier
d) the movement depends on the balance between accumulation and wastage

Where do glaciers form?
a) only at the poles
b) only in high mountains
c) only in the oceans
d) in areas where more snow falls than melts

A thick ice mass that forms over the land from the accumulation, compaction, and recrystallization of snow is a
a) fjord
b) glacier
c) drumlin
d) cirque

Which of the following is associated with areas of karst topography?
a) sinkholes
b) sinking streams
c) caverns
d) all of the above

A drainage basin is
a) the channel of a stream
b) the land covered by floodwaters
c) the land area that contributes water to a stream
d) all streams that flow directly into an ocean

A natural levee is
a) an erosional geature perpendicular to the stream channel
b) a depositional geature perpendicular to the stream channel
c) an erosional feature parallel to the stream channel
d) a depositional feature parellel to the stream channel

What is the ultimate base level of a stream?
a) a large lake
b) the ocean
c) a resistant layer of rock
d) a larger stream

The ability of a stream to erode and transport material depends largely on its
a) width
b) length
c) velocity
d) density

The water cycle is the
a) distribution of drinking water on Earth
b) the unending circulation of Earth's water supply
c) the recycling of water after industrial use
d) the evaporation of water from Earth's surface

New ocean crust is formed at
a) divergent boundaries
b) convergent boundaries
c) continental volcanic arcs
d) transform fault boundaries

The thermal convection that drives plate motion is caused by
a) seafloor spreading
b) an unequal distribution of heat
c) gravity
d) subduction

Most of the active volcanoes on Earth are located in a belt known as the
a) circum-Atlantic belt
b) Ring of Fire
c) Ring of Lava
d) East African Rift Valley

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