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Which of the following is powered by energy from Earth's interior
a) erosion
b) a volcano
c) weather
d) ocean circulation

The sun's energy drives which of the following processes
a) volcanic eruptions
b) earthquakes
c) weather and ocean circulation
d) mountain building

What is the driving force for the movement of the lithospheric plates?
a) heat form the sun
b) unequal distribution of heat within Earth
c) heat in the atmosphere
d) unequal distribution of heat in the oceans

The theory of plate tectonics helps scientists explain
a) how ocean currents move ober Earth's surface
b) why hurricanes occur
c) how earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur
d) why Earth's core is less dense than the mantle

The outer planets- Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune- are made up of
a) hydrogen, helium, and water
b) iron, nickel, and carbon dioxide
c) carbon, oxygen, and methane
d) water, carbon dioxide, ammonia, and methane

What is the study of the atmosphere and the processes that produce weather and climate?
a) oceanography
b) geology
c) meteorology
d) astronomy

Which object is largest
a) globular cluster
b) galaxy
c) star
d) planet

Which of the following is NOT one of the main areas of Earth science
a) geology
b) oceanography
c) astrology
d) astronomy

When does the summer solstice occur in the Northern Hemisphere
a) June 21
b) March 21
c) September 21
d) December 21

The sun is a
a) black hole
b) black dwarf
c) main-sequence star
d) red giant

Eart's core is made of an alloy of
a) iron and nickle
b) copper and iron
c) zinc and magnesium
d) iron and zinc

Groundwater is found underground in the zone of
a) aeration
b) soil
c) saturation
d) sediment

Material deposited directly by a glacier is called
a) a kettle
b) rock flour
c) till stratified drift
d) till

Which of the following is NOT a factor that affects the rate of weathering in rocks?
a) biological evolution
b) climate
c) rock characteristics
d) amount of exposed surface area

The greenhouse gas carbon dioxide helps to
a) deflect harmful radiation from space
b) increase precipitation in arid areas
c) form clouds in the atmosphere
d) maintain warmth near Earth's surface

Freshwater is used for which of the following?
a) drinking
b) growing food
c) cooking
d) all of the above

Fossils are only found in
a) Intrusive igneous rocks
b) foliated metamorphic rocks
c) sedimentary rocks
d) nonfoliated metamorphic rocks

Which of the following is an environmental hazard created by humans?
a) air pollution
b) flood
c) hurricane
d) earthquake

Which of the following is an example of a renewable resource?
a) iron
b) petroleum
c) energy from flowing water
d) coal

Resources that can be replenished over a relatively short time span are called
a) fossil fuels
b) renewable resources
c) nonrenewable resources
d) mineral resources

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