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What are the chances of a father passing a Y-linked disorder to his son?
a) 25 percent
b) 50 percent
c) 75 percent
d) 100 percent

Which is true regarding all X-linked disorders?
a) they are caused by mutations of the X chromosome
b) they are linked to an unknown chromosome
c) they are disorders that affect only women
d) they result in a longer lifespan

An autosomal dominant disorder requires ____ in order to affect an individual.
a) a combination of sex-linked and environmental factors
b) a combination of genetic and environmental factors
c) one copy of a mutated gene
d) two copies of a mutated gene

A scientist that studies a person's genetic makeup is called a
a) physicist
b) geneticist
c) biologist
d) chemist

Which of the following conditions is least likely to be improved through genetic engineering?
a) cancer
b) baldness
c) diabetes
d) a broken leg

Most of what we know today about ____ is based on Mendel's research.
a) asexual reproduction
b) genetic engineering
c) microscopes
d) cancer treatment

Some people fear that genetic engineering may lead to
a) a surplus of food that would disrupt financial markets
b) an influx of super-smart people into the world
c) plants that grow in poor conditions
d) more parents choosing their baby's physical traits

Which statement best explains why people suffering from hemophilia A can benefit from genetic engineering?
a) Hemophilia A is a genetic disorder.
b) Hemophilia A is caused by environmental factors.
c) Hemophilia A is an incurable disease.
d) Hemophilia A affects only adults.

If one side of a DNA molecule has the nucleotides T, A, C, and G, what are the complementary nucleotides on the opposite side?
a) T, A, C, G
b) A, T, G, C
c) A, U, G, C
d) C, G, A, T

What is the genetic material that passes information from one generation to the next?
a) DNA
b) RNA
c) a ribosome
d) a nucleotide

Who were the co-discoverers of the double helix structures of DNA (with help from Rosalind Franklin)?
a) Hooke and Watson
b) Watson and Holmes
c) Crick and Watson
d) Darwin and Lamark

Which of the following best describes the structure of a typical molecule of DNA?
a) double-stranded helix
b) helical
c) double-stranded
d) complementary

Which of the following is NOT a component of DNA?
a) a sugar
b) a nitrogenous base
c) a phosphate group
d) an amino acid

nvestigators collect forensic evidence to determine if a crime has been committed. DNA fingerprinting is used to
a) match blood splatter patterns.
b) match suspects with DNA evidence left at the scene of the crime.
c) match regular fingerprints.
d) determine the age of the victim.

How are the four DNA bases typically abbreviated?
a) Ad, Ur, Cy, Gu
b) Ad, Th, Cy, Gu
c) A, T, C, G
d) A, U, C, G

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