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Which statement accurately compares or contrasts tendons and ligaments?
a) Tendons are found on most bones and ligaments are more rare.
b) Tendons are a component of joint tissue at the ends of bones, and ligaments are located all around the bone.
c) Tendons transmit force from muscle to bone, and ligaments connect bones to other bones.
d) Tendons connect bones to other bones, and ligaments connect bone with muscle.

Which of the following lists includes a structure that is not part of the skeletal system?
a) hyaline cartilage, skull, vertebrae
b) short bone ligament, fingernails, rib
c) fibrocartilage, fused bone, tendon
d) elastic cartilage, fused bone, larynx

What substance attaches to hemoglobin in the lungs and is used by mitochondria in cells?
a) glucose
b) oxyhemoglobin
c) carbon dioxide
d) oxygen

Red and white blood cells are most likely to be found in:
a) muscle tissue
b) xylem
c) a vein
d) a lymph vessel

Gas exchange occurs in the respiratory system in which of the following structures?
a) bronchi
b) alveoli
c) capillaries
d) bronchioles

The respiratory system has evolved for the efficient intake of ___ and expulsion of ___
a) carbon dioxide; carbon monoxide
b) carbon monoxide; carbon dioxide
c) oxygen; carbon dioxide
d) carbon dioxide; oxygen

The largest organ in the human body is part of the
a) integumentary system
b) nervous system
c) circulatory system
d) endocrine system

Which parts of the integumentary system share a common function?
a) sebum and sweat
b) scales and follicles
c) hair and horns
d) feathers and fur

Which part of the integumentary system is correctly paired with its function?
a) skin: protect the body from infection
b) hair: protect the ends of appendages
c) feathers: prevent pathogens from entering the body
d) nails: thermoregulation

Fertilization is the fusion of
a) an egg and the uterus
b) a sperm and an egg
c) a sperm and the uterus
d) a sperm and a zygote

The completion of gestation is marked by
a) childbirth
b) pregnancy
c) fertilization
d) implantation

What is one benefit of parental care?
a) It requires a large investment of time.
b) It requires that parents defend their offspring from predators.
c) It reduces the amount of offspring a parent can have at one time.
d) It increases the chance of offspring surviving.

The organ responsible for filtering out wastes and excess water from the body is the
a) bladder
b) kidney
c) ureter
d) urethra

Smoking during pregnancy can cause damage to the placenta. How might smoking during pregnancy harm a developing fetus?
a) the fetus may not receive enough oxygen
b) the placenta will not be able to provide enough nutrients to the fetus
c) both A and B
d) neither A nor B

Which structure of the urinary system may change in size over the course of a day?
a) bladder
b) ureter
c) kidney
d) urethra

A previously healthy person has to have a kidney removed due to an infection. This will cause
a) a change in the frequency of urination
b) an increase in the number of infections
c) minimal change; patients can be healthy with only one functioning kidney
d) difficulty regulating the amount of water in the body

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