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What do sport/event marketers usually develop to be prepared for possible emergency or crisis situations?
a) Transportation systems
b) Publicity procedures
c) Contingency plans
d) Financial agreements

Which of the following is an example of a hospitality option that might be selected to offer preferred customers who attend sports events:
a) Admission to private receptions
b) Discounts on future tickets
c) Free advertising in programs
d) Copies of autographed photos

Which of the following is an example of a hospitality option that is offered to select spectators or fans:
a) Meet and greet backstage passes at a concert
b) Lawn seating at an outdoor concert venue
c) Concessions available for sale in the stands
d) Tickets available for sale to the public on a certain date

Which of the following stadium seating arrangements are usually the least expensive tickets that fans can purchase:
a) General admission
b) Reserved
c) Luxury boxes
d) Festival

The cable network that televises college basketball games throughout the country is __________ the sports product.
a) distributing
b) franchising
c) publicizing
d) sponsoring

An increase in ticket prices is most accepted by fans if a sport has a(n) __________ demand for tickets
a) inelastic
b) low
c) elastic
d) unitary

A college athletic department sets the football ticket prices so that the organization earns income of $12 per ticket after covering expenses. This is an example of a price objective based on
a) demand.
b) competition.
c) profitability.
d) volume.

A sporting event setting ticket prices based on potential customers' ability to pay is an example of a price
a) promotion.
b) objective.
c) restriction.
d) motive.

When setting ticket prices for professional baseball games, the organization considers the team's performance, which is a(n) __________ factor.
a) situational
b) ethical
c) operational
d) developmental

When a hockey team sets its ticket prices so it can achieve its goal of increasing its fan base by five percent, the hockey team is establishing a price objective in conjunction with a __________ goal.
a) licensing
b) cost
c) sales
d) contingency

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