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Which of the following is an observation?
a) It could be cold outside.
b) That pizza is delicious.
c) The boy could be lost.
d) The car is red.

What do we call an educated guess based on observations?
a) inference
b) conclusion
c) hypothesis
d) constant

What are things in an experiment that are kept the same and never changed?
a) control
b) constant
c) independent variable
d) observation

Which of the following is quantitative data?
a) The ice is cold.
b) The sand is dry.
c) Tigers have fur.
d) The speed of the car was 20 km per hour.

What are things that change or could be changed in an experiment?
a) Variables
b) Hypotheses
c) Inferences
d) Controls

What is the first step of the scientific method?
a) Ask questions
b) Hypothesis
c) Observation
d) Research/Experiment

Which of the following is an inference?
a) There is no light in the room.
b) There are 250 mL of liquid in the beaker.
c) Five out of the ten plants grew taller.
d) Some of the water may have evaporated.

Journals, logs, and graphs are used for
a) making observations
b) independent variables
c) asking questions
d) collecting data

What kind of variable is changed on purpose?
a) Independent
b) Control
c) Dependent
d) Constant

What type of observation contains verbal descriptions?
a) Dependent
b) hypothesis
c) quantitative
d) qualitative

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