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What established the principal of judicial review?
a) Mrs. Ale Vs. a Walker
b) Brown Vs. Board of Education
c) Washington Vs Madison
d) Marbury Vs. Madison

What amendment(s) established Due Process?
a) 1st Amendment
b) 5th and 14th Amendments
c) 10th Amendment
d) 4th and 15th Amendments

Srivatsa Valluri was caught with marijuana on school grounds. Which court would hear his appeal?
a) Virginia Circuit Court
b) General District Court
c) Virginia Court of Appeals
d) Virginia Supreme Court

What is lobbying?
a) Events that would require policy decisions by local government officials.
b) The cost of using resources in one way instead of another
c) Seeking to influence legislators to introduce or vote for or against a bill
d) Professionally managed investment with money pulled from shareholders

What is a type of international issue?
a) Public Health Concerns from Pandemic
b) Government crashes
c) Public Safety from Terrorism
d) The First and Third Answer Choice

What ways does the media influence public policy
a) Focusing Public Attention
b) Offering a forum in which opposing view points are communicated
c) Holding government officials accountable to the public
d) all of the above

What is an arraignment?
a) A plea
b) Where probable cause is reviewed
c) When an attorney is appointed
d) All of the above

Who files a complaint in a civil case
a) The Plaintiff
b) The Defendant
c) The Judge
d) The Jury

What jurisdiction does the Supreme Court have?
a) Appellate
b) Original
c) Limited Original
d) Answers 1 and 3

Which groups influence public policy?
a) Individuals
b) Interest groups
c) Answer 1 and 2

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