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a) a
b) b
c) c
d) d

a) a
b) b
c) c
d) d

a) 3
b) 3
c) 3
d) 3

a) 5
b) 4
c) 2
d) 4

What was the significance of the Virginia Declaration of Rights?
a) served as a model for the Bill of Rights.
b) stated the grievances against the king of Great Britain.
c) established the first form of national government.
d) the first ten amendments of the U.S. Constitution.

Which document affirmed individual worth and dignity of people?
a) Articles of Confederation
b) U.S. Constitution
c) The Declaration of Independance
d) Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom

a) a
b) b
c) c
d) d

a) a
b) b
c) c
d) d

What was the purpose of the Preamble
c) lists

Which of the following is not a fundamental principal?
a) Democracy
b) Rule of Law
c) Freedom of Religon
d) Limited Government

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