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a) 9
b) 9
c) 9
d) 9

a) 10
b) 10
c) 10
d) 10

After how many days is voter registration closed?
a) never
b) 22 days
c) one month
d) 2 months

How old do you have to be in order to vote in an election?
a) 21
b) 69
c) 3.847x10^-21
d) 18

What is not in the electoral college process?
a) slate of electors
b) debate who should win
c) the votes from citizens go to the electorates
d) meet to vote for president and vice president

Densely populated states are targeted due to
a) battle star galactica
b) two party system
c) electoral college
d) the winner take all system

What is one role of third parties?
a) Evaluate information from multiple sources
b) Introduce new Ideas and/or press for a particular issue
c) get rekt
d) watchdoge

Through what process are the President and the Vice President selected?
a) Majority rule
b) ddoss the COBAL encypted remote vpn by installing a keylogger
c) Reroute the md5 hash
d) Electoral college

What is one function of a political party?
a) Funds third parties
b) Detect Bias
c) educating the electorate about campaign issues
d) watch South Park

a) 1
b) 1
c) 1
d) 1

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