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What are the basic units of life are called?
a) rocks
b) breathing
c) growing
d) cells

The 5 characteristics of life are:
a) cells, reproduction, growth and development, obtaining & using energy, responding to the environment
b) cells, reproduction, growth & development, breathing, responding to the environment
c) cells, reproduction, breathing, growth & development, obtaining & using energy
d) cells, breathing, growth & development, obtaining & using energy

When an organism eats it is:
a) reproducing
b) growing
c) obtaining energy
d) breathing

The process of changing from an egg to an adult is called:
a) Breathing
b) Development
c) Cells
d) Obtaining Energy

A change in the environment that causes a response is called a:
a) Stimulus
b) Response
c) Cells
d) Growth

Which of the following would be considered living:
a) cloud
b) chair
c) rock
d) frog

Which of the following would be considered living:
a) rock
b) sand
c) seed
d) cloud

Every living thing has at least one:
a) heart
b) cell
c) brain
d) lung

Scientists _____________ objects into the categories of living and non-living.
a) analyze
b) predict
c) classify
d) think

Scientists would say the 'Characteristics of Life' list is a _______________ list of information.
a) Reliable
b) Awesome
c) Complete
d) Totally Tubular!

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