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Equine I Unit A 4.00. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The job that provides an orderly flow to horse shows is the:
a) Jockey
b) Veterinarian
c) Ringmaster
d) Trailer designer

The MOST direct contact with horses is experienced by a person employed as a:
a) Farrier
b) College professor
c) Ringmaster
d) Booking agent

The occupation MOST likely found on the racing circuit is a:
a) Drug inspector
b) Field master
c) College professor
d) Trailer designer

A person wishing to become a veterinarian should go to college at:
a) East Carolina
b) North Carolina State
c) UNC
d) Campbell

What is the MINIMUM education an equine extension horse specialist needs?
a) High school
b) Elementary school
c) College degree
d) Short course

Interpersonal skills are needed in the horse industry so that workers may:
a) Function as a team
b) Solve feed formulas
c) Read pesticide labels
d) Write accounting reports

A good work ethic is MOST revealed by a worker’s:
a) Reading
b) Responsibility
c) Writing
d) Listening

Mathematics skills are MOST important for a:
a) Person cleaning stables
b) Veterinarian determining the dosage for medicine
c) Reporter writing an article on a horse show
d) Interviewer seeking employees

Writing skills are MOST important for a:
a) Farrier
b) Reporter
c) Jockey
d) Trainer

Good speaking skills are MOST important for a/an:
a) Jockey
b) Extension Horse Specialist
c) Horse breeder
d) Farrier

One’s ability to demonstrate understanding, friendliness, empathy, and adaptability is MOST affected by:
a) Self-esteem
b) Speaking ability
c) Reading level
d) Technology skills

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