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Which law makes restraining free trade and competition illegal?
a) The Sherman Antitrust Act
b) The Lanham Act
c) The National Labor Relations Act
d) The Sports Broadcasting Act of 1961

Salaries, contracts, and profit sharing are often the issues that create conflicts between sports' leagues and
a) team owners.
b) sponsoring organizations.
c) individual managers.
d) players' associations.

Which of the following presents the greatest challenge for U.S. companies when developing a plan to sell movies in foreign countries:
a) Language barrier in promotion
b) Cost of foreign monetary exchange
c) Uncertainty about government policies
d) Lack of interest by foreign customers

Which of the following are trade barriers that are likely to limit a sport-equipment manufacturer's ability to export its products to foreign countries:
a) Trade agreements and industrialization
b) Licenses and outputs
c) Quotas and tariffs
d) Globalization and embargoes

Businesses often collect marketing information from customers in order to learn which products
a) earn the highest profits.
b) meet specific design standards.
c) sell best in certain locations.
d) qualify for vendor discounts.

When marketing researchers review the level of affiliation between two variables, they are evaluating the ___________ of data components.
a) affirmation
b) predictability
c) sensitivity
d) correlation

Which of the following is useful marketing information that a business might obtain by analyzing a customer database:
a) Expense involved in developing a customer database
b) Average customer is married, owns home, earns $50,000 a year
c) Federal identification numbers for current and past customers
d) Total sales for each month of the previous year

When making marketing decisions, businesses often analyze research that is expressed as a mean, median, or mode, which are estimates often referred to as the
a) predictability curve.
b) graphic representation.
c) central tendency.
d) distribution share.

What do researchers often use to summarize and interpret vast amounts of numeric information?
a) Research questionnaires
b) Descriptive statistics
c) Hypothetical samples
d) Independent variables

Which of the following is a trend in the sport/event industry:
a) Premium seating options are yielding less revenue for sport/event facilities than other types of seating.
b) Relationship marketing is becoming less important to sport/event organizations as technology evolves.
c) Due to the high level of media clutter, fewer businesses are participating in sport/event sponsorships.
d) Sport/Event facilities are evolving into complete entertainment centers with interactive activities.

The NHL, the NFL, and the CFL are becoming more interested in investing in the development of recreational sports for youths in order to
a) appeal to low-income individuals.
b) encourage sedentary lifestyles.
c) comply with local regulations.
d) attract more fans.

An effective technique to use when giving an oral presentation of report findings and recommendations is to keep the presentation
a) relatively simple.
b) technically oriented.
c) free from detail.
d) on a complex level.

One of the main portions of a marketing report describes the research methods and the
a) industry review standards.
b) data collection procedures.
c) technical terminology.
d) consulting expenses.

An effective method of presenting complex report findings and recommendations to a large group of managers involves the use of
a) Scientific data
b) computer software
c) informal outlines.
d) handmade graphics.

When writing marketing reports, researchers should make sure that they include a section about
a) populations.
b) qualifications.
c) regulations.
d) limitations.

Copies of questionnaires, interview forms, and other technical documents are often included in what part of a marketing report?
a) Analysis
b) Introduction
c) Summary
d) Appendix

Obtaining the right to name a sport or entertainment event is often one of the objectives of a(n)
a) franchise arrangement.
b) sponsorship.
c) affiliation.
d) licensing agreement.

What type of sponsorship objective involves bartering for goods and services?
a) Cost avoidance
b) Revenue generation
c) Activation
d) Promotion

Sport/Event marketers often identify the sponsorship potential of a specific business by researching the company's sponsorship history and understanding its
a) sponsorship objectives.
b) manufacturing methods.
c) financial policies.
d) quantity standards.

Which of the following would an event marketer most probably contact when seeking sponsorship for an upcoming auto race:
a) Nonprofit organizations
b) Related businesses
c) Athletic competitors
d) Charitable organizations

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