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It is ironic that Melinda refuses to give her presentation on the Suffragettes verbally because
a) she is refusing to follow Mr. Neck’s directions
b) the Suffragettes actually spoke out and fought back for what they believed in
c) the class already hates her
d) David tries to help her

All of the following passages illustrate the theme of bullying except
a) My brother got arrested at that party. He got fired because of that arrest. I can’t believe you Melinda did that.
b) Linda means pretty in Spanish. This is a great joke...no, Melinda no es linda. They call me Me-no-linda the rest of the time
c) She's creepy. What's wrong with her lips? It looks like she's got a disease or something.
d) I think what you did was kind of cool and getting stuck in MISS wasn't fair.

Which of these statements made by Melinda best conveys the sarcastic tone of the novel?
a) “The room is warm, filled with sun and paint fumes.”
b) “I grab my backpack and fly down the hall.”
c) “They Marthas could mail snowballs to the weather-deprived children in Texas.”
d) “Worms caught in the sun squirm for cover.”

What does the tree symbolize to Melinda in the novel?
a) life, growth, change
b) roots and family
c) friendship and honestly
d) freedom and rights

The primary protagonist in the novel is
a) David Petrakis
b) Principal Principal
c) Melinda Sordino
d) Mr. Freeman

When Melinda says the cheerleaders are “the pride of the blue devils” and “are role models” for all the other girls, this is an example of what type of irony?
a) situational irony
b) verbal irony
c) dramatic irony
d) generic irony

) If the setting of the novel were Tallahassee, Florida, instead of Syracuse, New York, how would the mood be different?
a) there wouldn’t be a dreary winter, which reflects Melinda’s mental state through most of the school year
b) there would be more scenes of kids visiting the beach.
c) people would be nicer to Melinda in sunny Florida
d) Melinda wouldn’t be able to hide under her winter coat

How does Melinda change from the beginning of her freshman year to the end of the year?
a) she was a lot of fun in the beginning and at the end she is a weirdo
b) she was in a lot of pain in the beginning but by the end has overcome her tormenter
c) at the beginning she cries a lot and at the end she can’t shed another tear
d) she wasn’t that great of a student at the beginning but by the end she is making A’s in every class

What motivates Melinda and Heather to “befriend” each other?
a) Melinda and Heather use each other so they won’t appear to be loners.
b) Melinda genuinely wants to be Heather’s friend, but Heather is too good for her.
c) Melinda uses Heather to get to David.
d) Heather and Melinda want a true friend and realize their friendship is great.

What is the benefit of Speak being written in first-person point of view?
a) the reader can see a more objective view of all the characters
b) the reader is able to establish a stronger sense of compassion for Melinda
c) the reader receives a better view of how teachers feel about students
d) the reader has more direct access to more of the characters’ thoughts

Which of the following best symbolizes Melinda’s dysfunctional family?
a) the burned Thanksgiving turkey
b) the white couch
c) communicating with notes
d) both a and c

The oak tree in Melinda’s front yard is a metaphor for her because like it
a) she needs to prune away her damaged parts and grow again.
b) she is tall and spindly, but beautiful.
c) she is damaged and will never grow right again.
d) both a and c

We know that Mr. Freeman is such a good teacher through
a) what others say about him
b) his actions in class
c) conversations he has with other characters
d) all of these

The Scarlet Letter is fascinating to Melinda, because she recognizes how much she is like Hester Prynne, the main character. The author referencing TSL to describe Melinda’s character is an example of what type of figure of speech?
a) allusion
b) symbolism
c) irony
d) foreshadowing

In biology class, when David and Melinda are assigned to dissect the apple, Melinda begins daydream about her family’s visit to an apple orchard when she was younger. Consequently, she bites their apple. Melinda’s daydream is and example of what?
a) archetype
b) allegory
c) flashback
d) satire

What can we infer about Merryweather HS based on the fact that they had five different mascots in one year?
a) They are incompetent and unaware that the students need something with which they can identify themselves
b) They are concerned for student morals.
c) They are being sued by the company that made the mascot uniforms.
d) They are trying to find something unique and different.

Read the following passage, and then decide what type of figurative language is used. “I hear Dad turn on the television. Clink, clink, clink – he drops ice cubes in a heavy-bottom glass.”
a) simile
b) onomatopoeia
c) irony
d) hyberbole

On the first day of school, to what “clique” does Melinda say she belongs?
a) Ostracized
b) Outcast
c) Mansonites
d) Marthas

“It is my first morning of high school. I have seven new notebooks, a skirt I hate, and a stomach ache.” We can infer that Melinda’s mood on the first day of high school was
a) Nervous, but hopeful
b) Excited and enthusiastic
c) Nervous and fearful
d) Excited, but nervous

Melinda Sordino, a high school freshman in Speak, feels as if she is shrinking away like Alice in Alice in the Wonderland. Which part of that sentence is an allusion?
a) Melinda Sordino
b) freshman
c) Speak
d) Alice in the Wonderland

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