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My younger sister can be an irritating nuisance when I am doing my homework.

In this sentence, the word nuisance means
a) help
b) annoyance
c) delight
d) pleasure

Melissa sauntered over to our table while Cheryl hurried over. 

In this sentence, the word sauntered means
a) walked in slow, easy way
b) hurried
c) ran
d) beat rapidly

We should be careful not to ostracize those who are different from us. It is much better for all if we are welcoming to everyone.

In this sentence, the word ostracize means
a) embrace
b) exclude
c) include
d) welcome

The artist was very careful and exact as he meticulously painted the portrait.

 In this sentence, the word meticulously means
a) hurriedly
b) precise or detailed
c) sloppy
d) careless

The insidious burglar was able to sneak into the house without being heard or seen.

 In this sentence, the word insidious means
a) sneaky
b) strong
c) loud
d) clumsy

The twins were both crying at the same time so Mom tried to soothe one while Dad tried to mollify the other.

In this sentence, the word mollify means
a) soothe
b) make sad
c) upset
d) worry

The sight of the ominous clouds told us that clear weather was far from our area. 

In this sentence, the word ominous means
a) stormy or dark
b) clear
c) bright
d) fluffy

The girls languidly put on their jackets as if they had no energy at all.

Using the comparison clue, the word languidly in this sentence means
a) energetically
b) quickly
c) actively
d) energy-less

The mother was determined to prove her son's innocence; the father was resolute as well.

Using the comparison clue, the word resolute in this sentence means
a) wavering
b) determined
c) unsure
d) not determined

His rancor, or hatred, of his brother has caused him to live his life as a lonely person.

Using the synonym clue, the word rancor in this sentence means
a) love
b) generous
c) hatred
d) tolerance

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