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Why do government officials find the use of chemical and biological agents in terrorist attacks particularly worrisome?
a) because biochemical agents are relatively easy to acquire
b) because it is impossible to guard against biochemical attacks
c) because people fear biochemical attacks more than other terrorist attacks
d) because biochemical attacks inflict huge numbers of casualties

The major goal of religious and cultural terrorist groups is the destruction of
a) what they consider the forces of evil.
b) government and religious buildings.
c) subway stations and shopping malls.
d) all forms of government.

Terrorism that involves politically motivated attacks on information systems is known as
a) cyberterrorism.
b) biochemical terrorism.
c) narcoterrorism.
d) virtual terrorism.

Osama bin Laden used mountain hideouts in Afghanistan as a base of operations for his global network of terrorists known as
a) al-Qaeda.
b) Aum Shinrikyo.
c) Hamas.
d) Islamic Jihad.

Whose traditional homeland crosses the borders of Turkey, Iran and Iraq?
a) Kurds.
b) Palestinians.
c) Serbs.
d) Croats.

Which world region has suffered the most from the AIDS epidemic?
a) sub-Saharan Africa
b) Western Europe
c) Latin America
d) Asia and the Pacific

What event/situation prompted the UN to issue the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?
a) the Holocaust in Europe
b) the Cultural Revolution in China
c) apartheid in South Africa
d) the Japanese Rape of Nanking

In the Persian Gulf War of 1991, 39 allied nations fought against the nation of
a) Iraq.
b) Iran.
c) Kuwait.
d) Saudi Arabia.

Push factors of migration include lack of food due to drought, natural disasters, and
a) political oppression.
b) nuclear proliferation.
c) political dissent.
d) gender equality.

The purpose of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty can be found in its name, in which proliferation refers to the
a) spread of something.
b) use of something.
c) prohibition of something.
d) elimination of something.

The cultural trait LEAST likely to be significantly affected by popular culture is
a) religious beliefs.
b) fads.
c) slang.
d) musical styles.

What methods might a country use to ensure that popular culture does not overwhelm its national culture and traditions?
a) all of these methods have been used
b) set aside television broadcast time for national programming
c) take Western television shows and rework them according to national culture and traditions.
d) strictly censor the mass media to keep out unwanted ideas.

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