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World History Final Exam Review Set 8. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

How were the Holocaust and Hitler's Final Solution related?
a) Holocaust is the term for the genocide that resulted from the plan called the Final Solution.
b) The Final Solution was the plan Hitler meant to follow after the Holocaust was complete.
c) They were both terms used by the Germans to describe their plan for permanent removal of the Jewish population.
d) The Holocaust and the Final Solution were not related.

How did the Lend-Lease Act benefit the United States?
a) It enriched the U.S. economy through selling arms to the Allies.
b) all of these
c) It lent the Allies American troops in exchange for European goods.
d) It allowed the Allies to purchase food and medicine from the United States.

How did civilians join in the effort to win WWII?
a) all of these
b) scrap metal drives
c) working in war industries
d) rationing

How did Kristallnacht demonstrate Nazi persecution of Jews?
a) Nazi troops attacked Jewish homes, businesses, and synagogues.
b) A law passed on that day required Jews to wear yellow stars.
c) That was the day the Nazis began large deportations of Jews.
d) all of these

Great Britain and France entered World War II because of the invasion of
a) Poland.
b) Finland.
c) Denmark and Norway.
d) the Baltic States.

Charles de Gaulle was the
a) leader of the French government-in-exile and the Free French.
b) prime minister of France before World War II.
c) prime minister of the puppet government in southern France during World War II.
d) French general who negotiated France's terms of surrender.

All of the following were advantages for the British in fighting the Battle of Britain EXCEPT
a) superior numbers of aircraft.
b) British morale.
c) decoded Enigma.
d) radar.

Why did millions of Germans turn against the leaders of the Weimar Republic?
a) They had signed the Treaty of Versailles.
b) Their leadership led to the loss of the war.
c) They were members of the Nazi party.
d) The country was not ready for a democratic government.

Why did Hitler target the Jewish population as scapegoats for all of Germany's troubles?
a) Hatred of Jews, or anti-Semitism, was a key part of Nazi ideology.
b) The Jewish people had aided Germany's enemies in World War I.
c) The Jewish population in Germany outnumbered the size of the Nazi party.
d) Jewish people held most of the prominent roles in the German government.

In which of the following nations was the pre-war government allowed to return to power after WWIIr?
a) Belgium
b) Japan
c) Italy
d) Germany

The Atlantic Charter was a declaration of the right to freedom of
a) trade.
b) speech.
c) the skies.
d) economic self-determination.

The German blitzkrieg was a military strategy that depended on what advantage?
a) surprise and overwhelming force
b) a system of fortifications
c) out-waiting the opponent
d) ability to make a long, steady advance

The Germans first successfully used the blitzkrieg in an attack on
a) Poland.
b) France.
c) Finland.
d) the Soviet Union.

What combination led to the German defeat in the Battle of Stalingrad?
a) Russian troops and the Russian winter
b) Russian and British troops
c) Russian and German fuel shortages
d) Russian ground forces and American air strikes

What crucial lesson was learned in the Battle of Britain?
a) that Hitler's advances could be blocked
b) that Germany had a powerful airforce
c) that the RAF needed more planes
d) that the British pilots were inexperienced

What group was tried at the Nuremberg Trials?
a) Nazis
b) Communists
c) the Luftwaffe
d) war criminals from all of the Axis Powers

What prompted Great Britain and France to declare war on Germany?
a) German invasion of Poland
b) Soviet invasion of Finland
c) German invasion of Czechoslovakia
d) Soviet invasion of Poland

What was Hitler's prime reason for wanting to take Poland?
a) He wanted the Polish Corridor and the port city of Danzig.
b) He knew it would cause Great Britain and France to declare war.
c) He knew it would be a bargaining chip with the Soviet Union.
d) all of these

What was the Allies' plan for victory over the Nazis?
a) The Allies would fight Germany on two fronts to weaken it.
b) The Allies focused their forces on North Africa to keep control of the oil.
c) The Allies would join forces on the Eastern Front and invade Germany.
d) The Allies instigated Operation Torch to burn key points in Germany.

What was the goal of Hitler's Final Solution?
a) It was genocide of people the Nazis considered inferior.
b) It was a way to amass more soldiers for the invasion of Russia.
c) It was a system for winning the war before the Americans entered.
d) It was a process to divide up his territories among his generals.

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