World History Final Exam Review Set 7 Question Preview (ID: 25584)

World History Final Exam Review Set 7. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What was the policy of appeasement?
a) the British and French decision to give in to aggression to keep peace
b) the move that Mussolini made to form an alliance with Germany
c) the U.S. desire to stay out of foreign affairs
d) the treaty between Germany and the Soviet Union agreeing not to fight against each other

What was the goal of U.S. isolationists after World War I?
a) that political ties to other countries should be avoided
b) that Nazi ties to other countries should be combatted
c) that foreign aid to other countries should be lessened
d) that industrial ties to other countries should be ended

What fear added to the appeal of fascism in Italy and Germany?
a) a Communist revolution
b) a loss of individual rights
c) government ties to industry
d) all of these

What important role did Winston Churchill play during WWII?
a) He was prime minister of Great Britain.
b) He was the British delegate at the Munich Conference.
c) He suggested turning Danzig over to Germany.
d) He warned that the policy of appeasement was a disaster.

What effect did the nonaggression pact between the Nazis and the Soviets have on the balance of power in Europe?
a) It allowed the Axis Powers to continue unchecked.
b) It brought the United States out of its isolation.
c) All of these are true.
d) It forced Britain and France to abandon the policy of appeasement.

The Munich Conference was held to address the problems of a German threat to the nation of
a) Czechoslovakia.
b) Austria.
c) Hungary.
d) Poland.

The 1938 Munich Conference came to symbolize the dangers of what?
a) appeasement
b) Communism
c) fascism
d) negotiation

In 1920, a dictatorship ruled?
a) Russia
b) Italy
c) Austria
d) Germany

Nazism was the German form of
a) fascism.
b) socialism.
c) communism.
d) a coalition government.

Hitler's main method for acquiring lebensraum was to
a) conquer other countries.
b) attack Jews.
c) form a secret police force.
d) demand dictatorial power.

Il Duce was the title of which of the following leaders?
a) Benito Mussolini
b) Haile Selassie
c) Adolf Hitler
d) Juan Péron

During the global depression, war debts caused great suffering in?
a) Germany
b) France
c) Great Britain
d) the United States

By 1935, which of the following eastern European countries was still a democracy?
a) Czechoslovakia
b) Yugoslavia
c) Hungary
d) Poland

During Spain's civil war, Francisco Franco was the leader of
a) Spanish rebel troops.
b) republican troops supporting the government.
c) Socialist troops fighting against the rebels.
d) Spanish government troops.

All of the following increased during the Great Depression EXCEPT
a) imports and exports.
b) bank closings.
c) unemployment.
d) business failures.

All of the following joined the Axis Powers EXCEPT
a) the Soviet Union.
b) Italy.
c) Japan.
d) Germany.

All of the following countries took control of other countries' territory during the 1930s EXCEPT
a) Spain.
b) Italy.
c) Japan.
d) Germany.

All of the following embraced fascism EXCEPT
a) Paul von Hindenburg.
b) Benito Mussolini.
c) Adolf Hitler.
d) Juan Perón.

Which German political party sought to overturn the Treaty of Versailles and combat communism?
a) Nazi
b) Socialist
c) Fascist
d) Republican

Which of the following does fascism stress?
a) nationalism
b) isolationism
c) individual rights
d) a classless society

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