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Why were Germany and Austria-Hungary known as Central Powers?
a) because of their location in the heart of Europe
b) because of their alliance in the war
c) because of their combined armies
d) because the war was fought on two fronts

Why did Italy refuse to support its ally Germany in World War I?
a) It accused Germany of starting the war.
b) It did not want to fight the United States.
c) It viewed the Schlieffen Plan as a poor strategy.
d) It opposed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk.

Who was forced to assume sole responsibility for the war under the Treaty of Versailles?
a) Germany
b) Austria-Hungary
c) Russia
d) Serbia

Why did Bismarck seek alliances that later became the Triple Alliance?
a) to isolate France
b) to expand Germany's boundaries
c) to strengthen Germany's army
d) all of the above

Who led Germany during the last decade of the 1800s and most of World War I?
a) Kaiser Wilhelm II
b) Adolf Hitler
c) Otto von Bismarck
d) Georges Clemenceau

Which statement summarizes the Schlieffen Plan that Germany created to prepare for a two-front war?
a) Attack France first, then Russia.
b) Attack Russia first, then France.
c) Send half of the army to France and half to Russia.
d) Ally with Russia to fight France.

Which of the following events occurred after the Americans joined the war?
a) The Bulgarians and the Ottoman Turks surrendered.
b) Russia withdrew from the war.
c) Britain and France recruited laborers from their colonies.
d) All of these are true.

Which of the following was a goal of the Allies' Gallipoli campaign?
a) to establish a supply line to Russia
b) to gain access to Africa
c) to capture Sarajevo
d) to destroy Germany's U-boat fleet

Which of the following was used to widen the war?
a) attacks on African colonies
b) the development of poison gas
c) the use of propaganda
d) supporting African nationalists

Which nation's actions caused the United States to fight in World War I?
a) Germany
b) Russia
c) Mexico
d) Austria-Hungary

Which nation's heir to the throne was assassinated in 1914 by a Serbian nationalist?
a) Austria-Hungary
b) Germany
c) Russia
d) Serbia

World War I was a total war in the sense that
a) the nations involved devoted all their resources to it.
b) new technologies played a large part in the war
c) nations from all over the world were involved.
d) it brought great suffering to civilians

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